There was an interesting op-ed piece posted on the Russia Today,, website today. Written by Englishman Sam Gerrans, he poses his observation that ″America is a bomb waiting to explode.″ He believes that the United States, along with the rest of the so-called, ′Free World′, is on the edge of disaster. That a single major shock, or a series of lesser shocks, could ′detonate′ pent-up problems in our social systems and infrastructure, bringing the whole nation, or group of Western nations, down. Gerrans points out that in the past, he means like centuries ago, people could easily run and hide and still make do. But, today, that is not the case. If you read between the lines, I get the sense that Sam Gerrans is predicting that any sort of major calamity will result in maybe, at best, some 4.5 million Americans surviving. Let us explore his reasoning further…

Can′t happen here? Too far fetched? Well, Gerrans may be thinking about this subject more due to a couple of news items this past week. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, spoke on the subject of a possible Ebola outbreak in the UK. On Friday we learned that one of the nurses who was infected and treated in London, Pauline Cafferky, has taken a turn for the worse. Her health is declining rapidly despite the wonder drug given to her. Not only has she been out in public for many months now, but as recently as this past Monday, gave a speech at a primary school full of children. Another news item reports that new research has revealed that Ebola doesn′t go away after 40 days. It seems that it lingers much longer, perhaps 9 months or more for males. Add to this news from Guinea in West Africa that new cases of Ebola have turned up. Oh-Oh! Where is Ebola-Chan?

Ebola is just one thing that could go horribly wrong and topple a civilization. A cyber-attack on the electrical grid is another of the many doomsday scenarios that are increasing in likelihood. Gerrans looks at several key factors to how America is brewing into one big pot of trouble. He starts his list with our food supply. The number of farms has been declining for a century or so. Only 2 million farms were operating in 2012, down from over 6 million in 1935 with now twice as many mouths to feed. If supply lines were disrupted, urban areas would run out of food within a few days. How many city dwellers would know how to feed themselves if they couldn′t buy food from a store? Not very many!

Crisis Number Two is our economy according to Gerran. Since going off the gold standard in 1933, courtesy of FDR, America uses a fiat currency system which historically average about 37 years before they go bust. With well over $18 Trillion dollars of National Debt, plus another $67 Trillion to $200 Trillion or more in potential debts for the mysterious category of ′Commitments and Contingencies′, just how long will the party continue? Sooner or later, the booze will run out and the band will want to get paid.

Sam Gerrans then lists our addiction to drugs as a third major threat. Just from the 1990s to 2010, there has been a 400% increase in the number of Americans using prescription antidepressants. The same sort of drugs often associated with lone gunmen in recent mass-shooting incidents. Throw in the millions more who need other types of medication to stay alive. Any type of disruption in the pharmaceutical supply chain could lead to mass death within a matter of months, if nor weeks. His 4th threat listed is our moral decline. No argument from me on that one! Between the modern Liberalism preaching their Progressive agenda in our schools, entertainment media, and now even in our churches, things are only going to get worse. Our own government, under Barack Obama, funds and promotes policies that further erode our morality, all in the name of ′fairness′ and ′equality′. Actually, it is done to increase the government′s power over the citizens.

A ′shock′ caused by any of these items, or by other ′Black Swan′ events, would turn the streets of America′s cities into instant war zones. Riots and looting would break out. We have plenty of that already just when some cop pulls out a gun and shoots somebody in the wrong neighborhood. Imagine what it would be like if there was some nationwide event? If a cyber-attack or a solar flare knocked out the electrical grid for weeks or months? After just a few days, the chaos created could spin out of control, making a recovery difficult, even unlikely. As people turn to violence to obtain food, water or drugs, a lot of folks are going to die. The unarmed will go first, followed by the unprepared. Even if you have a gun, and know how to use it, that may not be enough to stay alive over the long haul.

What do you do if you survive the initial chaos but now face running out of bottled water, canned or dehydrated food? Who will take care of you if you get a bad toothache, or need some form of medical attention? How many women today know enough to have a baby without a doctor around to help? Shooting deer is one thing, processing it for food and other uses is a whole other matter. Knowing what crops to plant and when to do it, when to harvest. The caring of the crops in between. Nearly all of our agriculture today is dependent on petroleum. Fuel for tractors and combines, or as a chemical component for fertilizers and pesticides. How many farmers today know enough to raise their crops without oil-based products? How will the crops get transported to where people need them?

The fragility of our civilization is something that really needs to be taught properly in our schools. Especially today as we enter an era where our threats are no longer just from Nature or from nation-states. We now live at a time when a small group of people, even just one person, could unleash an event that crashes an entire country, even the entire world. If America is a bomb waiting to explode, as Sam Gerrans states in his article at, the blast and fallout effects will not be limited to just those of us in the United States. There will be global ripples of disaster around the whole planet. Some pimple-faced teenager writing code can spread a computer virus that could wind up causing the deaths of billions of people. Just how prepared are you to face the uncertainties of our world today? And many laugh at folks who call themselves ′Preppers′. A day may come when you won′t be laughing anymore!