The Hillary Clinton email scandal is not going away despite pressure from her campaign and Democrats. Hillary′s top aide, Huma Abiden, wife of ′Mr. Selfie′ – Anthony Weiner, appears today before a closed-door session of the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack. This comes as new emails are made public due to a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch. One email in particular indicates that Huma was complaining to a colleague about not being able to access her official State Department email account, thus, used her account on Hillary Clinton′s private email server. Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, is reportedly focusing their own probe on Hillary′s email scandal over the matter of gross negligence in the handling of classified materials. Is this a sign that Hillary′s days as a candidate are growing shorter?

Possibly! There is fresh talk of Vice President ′Fighting′ Joe Biden may be entering the 2016 Democrat primary race. There was much talk after the first Democrat debate on CNN earlier this week that Hillary has the nomination all wrapped up. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates that Clinton has a substantial lead over Bernie Sanders, whom only out performs Hillary with one demographic, the Youth Vote. Biden, who did not participate in the debate on Tuesday night, lost ground in the poll. But the one thing that can derail Hillary, and open the door to Fighting Joe, is the FBI probe into Hillary′s email server.

Huma Abiden will face some 7 hours of questions before the House Benghazi Committee. As the latest FIOA documents confirm, Huma, and apparently others in the State Department, knew that Hillary Clinton was not using authorized, protected email systems. We also learned recently in the past week or so that there were multiple attacks on Hillary′s private server, mostly by Russians. Clinton contends that the State Department allowed her to use a private server, but we have yet to learn who approved such and if there was any security inspection conducted. Even after she left the office as Secretary of State, and gave her server to a company to store the data, she failed to inform them that the server contained classified material.

This brings us back to the FBI probe. Had Hillary wanted to use a private server, she would have been obligated by federal statute to only use approved, government contractors skilled and equipped to manage such a system. Clinton′s first blunder, and possible crime, was to fail to do this minimal, precautionary step. From there, we have more and more potential violations of the law covering the handling of classified material. Not the least of which was sending emails with classified material to other unsecured email accounts. Just her exchanges with Sidney Blumenthal can land her in prison.

Hillary Clinton is due to appear before the House Select Committee next week on what may be quite a show! She will face more questions about the Benghazi terrorist attack, possibly even who exactly started the ′video-lie′? Today, her aide, Huma Abiden, will face the committee behind closed doors. I doubt if she will throw her boss under the bus, but you never know. Meanwhile, the FBI seems to be focusing on gross negligence according to news reports. That would be about the easiest charge to level against Hillary if the Justice Department has the nerve. They do have an obligation to charge and try Hillary Clinton if the FBI determines that laws may have been broken. Its pretty obvious, except to Democrats, that many laws were broken.