Do you still #StandWithAhmed ? Maybe you better start rethinking that one, my Liberal friends. A few weeks ago in the great state of Texas, a 14-year old Sudanese Muslim boy, Ahmed Mohamed, was arrested by police when he brought a clock to school that resembled a suitcase bomb. Naturally, Barack Obama invited the young fellow to visit him at the White House, which is supposed to take place this weekend. Obama defended Ahmed thinking how clever he must be to fashion a clock inside a briefcase. The charges were dropped by the school after a fury of the usual Islamophobia angst was unleashed on socialist media under the hash-tag, #StandWithAhmed. But, before meeting with Obama, little Ahmed flew to the Sudan this week with his family and got to meet with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Ahmed is quoted by a French website to have been ″extremely delighted″ to meet President al-Bashir. The problem now facing the White House is that Sudan′s president has a warrant out for his arrest by the International Criminal Court for charges of genocide in Darfur! How will George Clooney react to this?

Oh, that Obama! He just cannot stay out of trouble! You would think that after nearly seven years in office, Obama might start acting smart for a change. Like maybe properly vetting somebody he supports in public. Wasn′t all that long ago when Obama held a Rose Garden affair to honor of Bowe Bergdahl. He was the US soldier who allegedly deserted his post, was captured by or joined the Taliban, and was part of a trade releasing five terrorist leaders after six fellow Army troopers died trying to find and rescue Bergdahl. Now, Obama has more egg on his face hosting this Ahmed kid who apparently likes a madman who commits genocide!

Make no mistake, this Omar Hassan al-Bashir is one bad dude, as Donald Trump would say. Not only has al-Bashir been busy ordering mass death in Darfur, but he also gave sanctuary to Osama bin Laden for several years back in the 1990s. Along with other crimes against humanity which the ICC has a warrant out for him, al-Bashir also may have stolen some $9 Billion dollars from his country and probably stole the last couple of elections, too! He even kept his own father off the ballot! What a guy!

As many of you know, from watching TMZ, one of Obama′s favorite supporters is Hollywood hunk, George Clooney. Clooney has been quite vocal in the past about the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. I have to wonder if he′ll call his buddy, Barack Obama, up and persuade him to cancel the meeting with ′Clock Boy′ Ahmed Mohamed? My guess is that Clooney will stay silent. After all, he would not want to cast any criticism towards his buddy Obama, nor raise any issue that may hint of Islamophobia. What do you think? Will George speak out against the White House visit? Or will he #StandWithAhmed like a good, little Hollywood-idiot Liberal? Sometimes I just have to laugh at how foolish Obama and his pals are. Why does his staff at the White House deserve to get paid when they make boobed-brain errors like this?