Yesterday during my preview of the first 2016 Democrat presidential debate, I mentioned an incident at the No Labels conference in New Hampshire. GOP presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump was asked a question by a seemingly angry, Liberal Democrat about equal pay and access to abortions. I nick-named her ′Hands-on-Hips′, as she looked like the classic feminist major from Brown University. Turns out that she was a staffer for the Jeb Bush campaign! The woman has been identified as Lauren Rose Batchelder, a ″paid political operative″ of the GOP and Jeb Bush, according to the Conservative Treehouse website. Well, well, well…! Just goes to show that I was at least half right. Where else would a Republican Liberal go but to the Jeb 2016 campaign?

Batchelder scrubbed her on-line presence, such as her Twitter account, after the No Labels event. But, some things were missed, like her account at LinkedIn. Evidence that she is working for the Bush campaign in New Hampshire is still available, as well as the fact that she also is a ″pro-life″ consultant to Senator Kelly Ayotte. There is even a picture of her posing with another GOP Liberal candidate, Marco Rubio. Of course, there is a picture of her with her new boss, Jeb Bush. The stunt just goes to show how desperate the Bush campaign has become. Though, we can always argue that this is exactly what we can expect from Bush, since he′s not far off from his fellow candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Speaking of which, the debate last night really sucked! I tolerated about 15 minutes or so of it, then switched over to Bravo to watch the fun on ″Below Deck″. Boats and bikinis, can′t go wrong there! During commercials I′d pop back in to see what the five stooges were up to. The thought I had running through my mind was of the five Democrats, who was manly enough to be president? Say that some enemy of America storms into the Oval Office and puts a gun to the president′s head, demanding the surrender of the United States. I can see that Jim Webb would probably take a bullet after telling the gunman to go ′F′ himself. Maybe, maybe Bernie, too, just because he is an old, cranky man. But my guess that he′d cave since he would probably enjoy surrendering America. Hillary Clinton, Martin O′Malley and Lincoln Chafee would all cave in immediately to spare their own meaningless lives.

What do you think about Donald Trump being questioned at the New Hampshire, No Labels event by a Jeb Bush staffer? Dirty pool? Frat house prank? Will this backfire on Jeb, just making him look even more lame and weak? I think so. There is no upside to this stunt at all. Bush has lost all credibility, if he had much to begin with.