CNN will begin tonight′s first debate of the 2016 Democrat presidential candidates at 8:30pm EDT. The CNN-Facebook debate will livestream also at CNNgo and there will be a live chat on Twitter with #DemDebate. Live from the Wynn Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, only five candidates will be on stage. Front runner Hillary Clinton will have the center podium with Socialist-Democrat upstart, Bernie Sanders, to her right and Martin O′Malley to her left. James Webb will be on the right end with Lincoln Chafee on the ′Far-Left′ end. Ratings are not expected to be very high since Donald Trump will not be attending. Though he will be a main topic for the evening as the CNN moderators avoid any conflicts amongst the candidates. This will be essentially a two-hour ′bash-Republicans′ affair as far as the questioning goes. CNN does have one extra podium on hand should Joe Biden change his mind and participate in tonght′s debate.

So, what we can expect tonight are many questions about why Donald Trump is divisive and terrible for the country. That was what the first half of the two GOP debates were all about. Trump is the main topic of the day as far as presidential politics go. A new poll shows Trump with huge a lead in Connecticut, even over the much vaunted Carly Fiorina. Jeb Bush is mid-pack at 6% among those Republicans with a pulse.

I really do not see this debate as being very interesting at all. What was interesting was yesterday′s event in New Hampshire held by the folks at the Left-leaning group, No Labels. The only way for Liberals to hide their insanity is to try to avoid labels. They are so ashamed of their positions on the issues. Bernie Sanders spoke to the crowd via satellite as he was already in Las Vegas. He was certainly a crowd favorite. Hillary Clinton avoided the event since she would actually have to face questions from somewhat ordinary people.

Donald Trump attended the No Labels event live in person. He stood up to some nasty people including one Liberal woman I shall refer to as ′Hands-on-Hips′. No, she′s probably not Native-American, maybe bout as much as Elizabeth Warren, but if she were, that would be her ideal, ′Redskin′ name. Hands-on-Hips tried to nail Trump telling him how she supports equal pay for women and how she wants all the free abortions she can get. The Donald responded telling her that he believes in equal pay if you do equal work. Trump is truly a firm believer in the concept of a Meritocracy. That is the way he runs his business like any good Capitalist. As for abortions, Trump just replied that he is Pro-Life. Hands-on-Hips did not seem happy with either answer.

Oh! By the way, Chris Christie and George Pataki also attended the No Labels event. Good place for them, too, since the only way they′ll get any votes is by grabbing some Liberals away from the low-option, Democrat field. Which brings me back to something I said long ago that these jokers should have run as Democrats in the first place. Chris Christie could easily mop the floor with either Hillary or Bernie. He just needs somebody like Bob Beckel writing his speeches and he would have been a shoe-in for the nomination. As for Pataki, well, he would probably still be below 1% even as a Democrat!

Are you going to watch the first 2016 Democrat debate live on CNN this evening? Will you follow tonight′s debate as it is livestreamed on CNNgo or Facebook? Do you expect any of the candidates to be asked a hard question? Will Hillary Clinton face any questions about her email scandal? Or of passing along the name of a covert, CIA contact in Libya from her pal, Sidney Blumenthal? Seems to me that somebody went to prison for that sort of thing not long ago.