Finally! The long wait is over! The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere aired last night on AMC-TV. Episode 1, entitled, ″First Time Again″ was, in a single word, AWESOME!!! The show had everything fans wanted. Humor, conflict, and a parade of thousands of zombies. With Daryl leading the mob on his motorcycle. Too bad he wasn′t wearing a fez. Or some balloons tied to the back rail. That would have been hilarious! Yep, Rick Grimes and his ′family′ of zombie apocalypse survivors are back again for another season of high drama. So before I start dishing details, let me say those immortal words…, SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, so you are not afraid of spoilers. The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere episode was done in a two-tone fashion. Monochromatic for the past, full color for the present. Lots of flashbacks, but only those covering the period from just after the death of Rex. The show begins in the past with the big showdown from the Season 5 finale. The leader of Alexandria, Deanna, gives Rick the order to execute Pete, the killer of her husband, Rex, which Rick does without blinking. Rick′s old buddy Morgan has just arrived at the safe haven and witnesses the event.

Flash forward to the ′present′, where Rick and the Alexandrians are busy working in a massive rock quarry, home to thousands of zombies. It seems that the main reason that Alexandria has so-far been relatively free of zombies is due to the Walkers falling into the quarry. But there are now so many that they are leaking out and the makeshift barriers are failing. Something needs to be done about this and quickly. Time for Rick and the Alexandrians to go to war.

Many loose ends are tidied up as the survivors prepare. Tara regains consciousness after her near-death experience. Her first words to her rescuer, Eugene, is that she′s glad he didn′t get rid of his mullet. We′re glad, too! Eugene offers another hair joke while standing guard at the town′s gate, approving of another person′s hair choices. Morgan and Rick begin recovering their friendship. Even Glenn makes an effort to smooth his relationship with Nicholas, whom in the Season 5 finale tried to kill Glenn.

Another major loose end is Rick and Jessie, who was the battered wife of Pete. After Deanna decides that Pete does not deserved to be buries inside the walls of Alexandria, Pete′s eldest son, Ron, follows Rick and Morgan as they take Pete′s body to the forest. Naturally, Ron gets chased by Walkers and is saved by those he hates for killing his dad. This is also when Rick and Morgan discover the rock quarry full of zombies. Later, back at town, Rick and Jessie discuss Ron and their relationship. For now, it must be put on the back burner, but you just know that at some point, they′re going to hook up. Unless, of course, Ron tries to kill Rick.

Speaking of which, somebody else wants to kill Rick. Carter, another long-term resident of Alexandria, opposes Rick′s plan to deal with the zombies in the rock quarry. He tries to organize a revolt which will begin with murdering Rick. Eugene overhears the plot and is discovered. Carter points a pistol at Eugene and seems to be ready to shoot him until Rick shows up with Daryl and Morgan in tow. Rick disarms Carter and is close to shooting him, but Rick decides to spare himself of the shame. He knows, as we do, that Carter is a flake and doomed to die anyway. Sure enough, Carter gets bit during the Great Zombie Parade and Rick finishes him off with a knife to the brain stem.

Rick′s plan for the rock quarry is to lead the Walkers out of the quarry and past Alexandria. Daryl will lead the parade while the rest will cover the sides and rear for strays. Sasha, who seems at peace now, volunteers to back up Daryl with the ′Astonishingly Ugly Car′ that Ethan had been driving on his recruiting runs. Joining Sasha is Abraham, whom has always been a bit off center, himself. The mission starts off well with the parade moving in the right direction at a good pace. One more bend in the road and the team will lead the mega-herd another 20 miles to keep them far away from Alexandria.

But then, the plan goes to hell in a hand basket! Somebody starts blowing a very loud tractor-trailer type air horn. Or train horn or some sort of loud horn. The herd starts moving off road and heading straight for Alexandria! Oh-oh! What happens next? Well, we′ll have to wait until Sunday to find out, but the coming attractions indicate that the Walkers are all over Alexandria with residents hiding for their lives. Who is blowing the horn? Speculation runs high. Top choices are The Wolves or maybe Ron? My money is on The Wolves. There are also hints that Maggie and Glenn may soon become parents. Did you notice a baby bump?

So that was the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 premiere. Its great having the old gang back again. Television is good again! Plus we have a bunch of good shows on now. ″Z-Nation″, ″iZombie″, ″Doctor Who″ and the new BCC series, ″The Last Kingdom″, are all really nice. Next month we have the series premiere of ″Into The Badlands″ which looks extremely cool. Yep, we are into the Gold Season of Television. I′m enjoying every minute of it. Even the presidential debates. LOL!