If you believe mega-liars like Pope Francis, Barack Obama or Al Gore, man-made global warming or climate change are making the Good Earth a worse place than ever to live. New York City and Florida should already be underwater since the polar caps have completely melted by now. Oh.., wait! None of that ever happened! In fact, according to a new report issued by the International Red Cross, natural disasters are way down. There is no trend of increasing hurricanes, wild fires or even tornadoes. Most types of natural disasters are at 10-year lows and some are even at levels not seen since 1950. There is no trend of an increase in severe weather of any sort. The statistics prove that such remain nominal or are declining. Even deaths from natural disasters are way down, almost 90% in some cases.

A big storm may play well on the 24-hour news cycle. But according to the International Red Cross, the number of deaths caused by natural disasters is just under about 9,000 in 2014. Off from a ten-year average of about 76,000 per year. Sure, there are a few years, here and there, where the number of storms and wild fires spiked. In 2004, 2008 and 2011, there were numbers higher than average. But overall, since 1950, the total average has been declining, or at least remaining stable. So why isn′t all that man-made carbon we keep hearing about destroying the planet yet?

Because it just isn′t going to! What happens when there is more CO2 in our atmosphere? These wonderful things known as plants absorb it! Guess what? In the last 65 years, we have seen a terrific increase in food production thanks to all that growing plant life. Yes, global warming is a good thing. Too bad we really don′t have more of it. Such would make life better for all.

What Pope Francis, Barack Obama, and Al Gore forget to tell you when they spew their lies about science is that over the long haul of geological history, the Good Earth is in a period of cooling. Sometimes the cooling gets too cold and we have frequent ice ages. In the last 500,000 years, we′ve had quite a few major ice ages of note, the last one ending around 8,000 or so years ago. In between the major ice ages, we still have minor ones, as well. The last ′Little Ice Age′ ended only about 200 years ago after causing some havoc for a 6 or 7 centuries. When Obama was in Alaska recently, he opined on how the glaciers there are melting. Had George Washington visited there when he was president, he could have said the same thing, too!

That′s our Good Earth for ya, tho′. It takes a beating but keeps on teaming with life. Now and then, every few million years or so, there is sudden, massive act of climate change, most likely caused by some solar event, super-volcano or asteroid impact. Sure, a whole lot of extinction takes place, but, between God and Darwin, Life adapts and carries on.

Will our friends in the Liberal News Media talk about the new report by the International Red Cross on natural disasters? Will Pope Francis, Barack Obama and Al Gore admit that they are wrong? That there is no crisis of man-made carbon causing global warming, or cooling or general climate change? Probably not! Those guys are mega-liars and can′t help themselves from telling fibs everyday. But Science, not the junk science of Bill Nye, but REAL Science, once again demonstrates with facts and figures that everything is A-Okay. If you don′t believe me, then read the report yourself.