Forget about tips on the proper way to fold a pocket square! GQ Magazine has gone ′ghetto′ on 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. Writer Drew Magary posted an article on the good doctor entitled, ″F*** Ben Carson″. Wow! Imagine somebody writing an article with such a title for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Let′s be honest, GQ. Magary doesn′t like any of the Republican candidates. In the same article, he bashes Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and others. Magary goes after Carson for a number of things Gentle Ben has said of late. Naturally, as a brain-dead Liberal, Magary does not understand nor comprehend the Truth when it is laid before him.

Let us take, for example, Ben Carson′s remarks about not supporting a Muslim in the White House who places Sharia Law above the U.S. Constitution. Has Drew Magary ever read about Sharia Law? Does he know that in a Sharia court, the testimony of a man carries five-times the weight of that of a woman? Maybe Magary, deep down inside, wants to live under Sharia, so he can marry four 8-year old girls and abuse them daily? Maybe, I′m just wondering why?

Magary seems most upset over Carson′s remarks about the recent shooting in Oregon at Umpqua Community College. Dr. Ben not only advises that those confronted by a single, crazy gunman attack said crazy gunman, but Carson also offers wise words on the right to keep and bear arms. ″I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.″ Carson is spot-on with this observation. History has shown us what happens when citizens are unarmed by their governments. They often wind up slaughtered by the very government and in the millions. Passing laws as a knee-jerk reaction to some individual crime does not always help the remaining citizenry.

I could go on with further examples. Its pretty clear that Drew Magary is an idiot. The question I have is why GQ Magazine went along and allowed him to post his attack on Dr. Ben Carson? Are the editors in agreement with him? Or did they just let it slide along hoping for plenty of publicity? A pox on GQ and Magary is what I say! They should be ashamed of themselves. But then, this is the New Normal in the Age of Obama, where shame and rational thinking is fleeting. True, I′ve never been a fan of GQ. I have always found them to be somewhere in between ostentatious and superficial. Now I can officially toss GQ Magazine into the crowded dustbin of dumb, Liberal rags.