Thursday on Capitol Hill, the House Republican caucus met to vote on a replacement for John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Kevin McCarthy, currently the House Majority Leader, was in the running for the job and considered a shoe-in. However, he only had support of about 175 members of the GOP caucus. One group of about 40 members, known as the Freedom Caucus, were supporting Daniel Webster of Florida. Jason Chaffetz of Utah had also thrown his hat in the ring. With it apparent that McCarthy would not secure the 218 votes needed, he announced that he was withdrawing from the process. The vote was postponed and many are wondering what will happen next? Some also wonder why did Kevin McCarthy drop out of the race to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives?

The Daily Caller reports of some unconfirmed rumors, which were posted anonymously on Wikipedia, which allude to McCarthy being involved in an extramarital affair with a GOP Congresswoman. Both have denied the rumor. Others are pointing to a memo circulated earlier this week by Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina, demanding that McCarthy withdraw if he had done any misdeeds. There are also reports that when Thursday′s conference began, at least one Congressman rose and demanded that all potential House leaders submit to a background check. Naturally, Donald Trump is taking credit for McCarthy dropping out!

Of course, the more logical story behind the withdraw is that Kevin McCarthy blew his big chance after a gaffe about the Benghazi Select Committee. The Majority Leader said that the committee was responsible for the decline of Hillary Clinton′s poll numbers, which is true. Democrats and Liberal pundits slammed the statement, saying that they knew all along that the sole purpose of the Benghazi committee was to derail Hillary. Now that is untrue! The purpose was always, and still is, to get to the WHOLE TRUTH about the Benghazi attack and our response to it. Trey Gowdy′s committee has uncovered much that the previous 7 other probes of the attack did not. Hillary′s use of a private email server and sending and storing classified material had not been known before. Nor did the previous probes learn how a private citizen, Sidney Blumenthal, was passing along classified information to Hillary from his sources while doing business with Libya.

The real reason Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race to be the next Speaker of the House, in my opinion, is that he showed himself to be another milquetoast tool of Beltway Bozos. There is not a dime′s bit of difference between McCarthy or the out-going John Boehner. McCarthy had no chance of getting enough support to reach the 218 number. Which now leaves the field wide open. Paul Ryan, who says he does not want the job, might get drafted into it. He is generally well respected and has gone through extensive vetting already as the GOP′s Vice Presidential nominee in 2012. Ryan would have to surrender his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee, the most powerful on Capitol Hill. But if Ryan wants to ever be president, he needs to do what is right for the country. This is his Arthurian moment to seize Excalibur. To ′grasp the mantle′ and, as Baron von Munchausen would say, ″Open the Gates!″ My advice to Paul Ryan is that a ″modicum of snuff can be most efficasious″. Bring on the dancing mermaids! ″What will become of the Baron? Surely this time there is no escape.″ Yep, sometimes you chase History and sometimes it knocks at your door!