Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is telling TV interviewers that ″I′m in it to win it!″ That he has no plans to pull out of the 2016 GOP primary race. If you have been watching the news Media of late, even Fox News this weekend, you might get the impression that Trump′s poll numbers are falling. One poll, from an outfit I haven′t heard much of before, if ever, claims that Carly Fiorina is now leading Trump and the rest of the GOP pack, in New Hampshire. But today we have a new batch of polls all showing Donald Trump not only leading by double digits, but even gaining ground! The Ipsco/Reuters poll shows Trump now up to 33% nationwide. A series of polls from Quinnipac in three battleground states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, also show Trump well in the lead. In Florida he′s got double the numbers of either Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. In Ohio, Trump tops their sitting Governor John Kasich by 10-points while Kasich still enjoys a 60-plus % approval rating. How about them apples?

So one has to wonder why TV interviewers are asking Trump when he would bow out of the race while not asking other candidates, whom are truly doing poorly, the same question? Is there a conspiracy? Is the Club for Growth behind this? Is the Club for Growth connected to the Illuminati Hairdresser Club? ′Dilbert′ cartoonist, Scott Adams, who created the Illuminati Hairdressers for his comic strip, may hold the answers. Adams has been blogging regularly on the Trump phenomenon. Why the Summer of Trump may now become the Year of Trump!

Ah, the ′Year of Trump′! That has a great sound to it! It ′sings′! Just like ″Provost′s Privy″. Donald Trump is still leading the GOP race because people see him as a winner. A dynamic force that is rooted in the ′Power of Positive Thinking′. Scott Adams points out that the key to understanding Donald Trump is the fact that he spent some ten years or more sitting in church, listening to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale preach the Good Word. Compare that with Barack Obama spending 20 years in church listening to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright preach hate and envy. Peale′s message was ″Keep your heart free of hate, your mind from worry.″ Trump is winning this pre-primary phase because his message is an optimistic one. To ″Make America Great Again″. As opposed to ″God Damn America!″

People, be it Cuckservative pundits from the Georgetown or Manhattan cocktail scene, or the likes of Hillary Clinton, try to frame Trump as a hate monger. That his message appeals to our darker angels. But actually, when you follow the thought process, the chain runs from Trump, to Peale, and links back to none other than Abraham Lincoln. So, ultimately, Trump′s message is actually appealing to the ″better angels of our nature″. As well as to our common sense.

Poll after poll, over the last dozen years or longer, show that a majority of Americans believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. That our culture, our very way of life, has been corrupted and is under attack. That the government, itself, has failed us. Donald Trump speaks ′truth to power′ when he raises the issue of corrupt politicians and the money behind them. Of how our government is working against us with too much regulation and wasteful spending. Common sense comes from a common knowledge, a common awareness. Anybody who thinks that Obama, Boehner and the rest of the schmucks are making life better for us is just plain crazy!

There is no doubt that somebody is lying and for my two cents it is not Donald Trump. He is a breath of fresh, honest air! Trump is telling it like it is. Obama, Clinton, Boehner and the battalions of TV news readers and paid pundits are the liars. Even if there is no conspiracy led by the Club for Growth or the Illuminati Hairdressers, the liars just cannot be honest about anything or anyone. For every poll the liars try to pitch about Trump losing ground or fading away, there are a half dozen or more that show him holding on and some showing him gaining ground. And Trump hasn′t even really started a ′conventional campaign′ yet! Since announcing, he′s only spent about $2 Million dollars so far. A drop in the bucket. Wait till he starts unleashing a full load of TV ads, which are coming soon. Donald Trump says ″I′m in it to win it″ and I believe him! The best has yet to come!