Hillary Clinton has a gun control plan which she unveiled following the ′mass shooting′ incident in Oregon. Along with some new type of national background check, ′assault-rifle′ ban, and closing those fabled gun-show-loopholes, Hillary wants to prohibit gun sales to folks with mental health issues and a history of domestic violence. This raises an interesting question. Should we ban the sale of guns to people who throw ashtrays at their spouses during heated arguments on infidelity? Does that count as domestic violence? How about someone so delusional that they think the FBI and the New York Times are part of a ′vast Right-wing conspiracy′? Should such people be trusted to be responsible enough to own a firearm? Can they be trusted to have their finger on the ′Nuclear Button′? Or be president of the United States? Be careful, Hillary!

I suppose one can argue that tossing an ashtray at your husband′s noodle in the past can be summed up with, ″What difference can it possibly make now?″ Or can it? Does it show that one is far too unstable to be responsible for making any rational decision? Or holding any position of power in our society?

The mental health aspect of the ′mass shooting′ incidents is the one factor that little, if anything, is being done about. Even the sheriff in charge of the investigation at Umpqua Community College says that more gun laws would not have made any difference. As we are starting to learn, now that some details of the manifesto left by the shooter are coming out, we see a recurring pattern that matches previous publicity-seeking killers. Is it any wonder that many citizens in Roseburg, Oregon are now speaking out against a planned visit by Barack Obama later this week as a backdrop for Obama′s exploitation of the tragedy.

In the first place is an obsession with previous mass-shootings. Chris Harper Mercer had that in spades. On top of that was the whole Nazi-IRA thing. Add to that his anti-Christian attitude, no girlfriend, no real friends at all. The guy was 26 and still living at home with mommy, obviously taking advantage of Obamacare. Yep, I HAD to throw that one in. I′m blaming Obamacare, along with Mercer being a pagan and a Socialist.

For my money, Hillary Clinton is not all that far away from being a like-minded lunatic. Her worship of Margaret Sanger reveals a general disregard for human life, as well as latent racism. As a fan of Saul Alinsky, such puts her deep in the waters of Socialism and favoring violent unrest in the populace. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama share the view that death and destruction are acceptable means to achieve a desired political end. They see chaos and unrest as valuable tools to use and take advantage of.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the shootings at Umpqua Community College. The shooter was mentally disturbed. The shooter′s mother failed to recognize her son′s problems and take steps to help. The school′s administrators failed to provide adequate security for the campus. Had anyone of those conditions been different, the crime may never had happened. But none of the existing gun laws, nor any of those being proposed which are not in direct violation of the Second Amendment, would have changed the circumstances. As we saw, one student, who was a military veteran, did try to stop Mercer. Had that guy been allowed to carry a concealed weapon on the campus, even just a good knife, then a whole lot of bloodshed might have been avoided.

On paper, Liberals seem to be reasonable people with wanting stricter laws and such. Much like they and their ′Dear Leader′ Obama having faith in paper such as the Iran Nuke Deal. While watching the Season 1 finale of ″Fear the Walking Dead″ this past Sunday, one of the characters, Strand, made an interesting observation. He was sharing a ′cell′ in the National Guard′s make-shift, detention center with the heroin addict, Nick. Strand starts talking about how foolish it is for people to buy insurance policies. How idiotic it is for one to put their faith in a piece of paper, issued by some stranger or corporation, that makes you dependent on them for survival or recovery from a life-altering tragedy. Strand′s point is well taken. When the chips are down, you can really only depend on yourself. All too often, help is far away and usually late in arriving. A piece of paper, even a law, isn′t going to protect you when faced against the evil or insane.

So I say ″Nuts″ to Hillary Clinton and her gun control plan. I would not trust her to own a gun or be in any position to make any life or death decisions. Certainly not any decisions that would determine my own safety and well being. She can go to Hell and toss ashtrays at the Devil when she gets mad!