Digital Television! A few years ago, America made the big push into Digital TV. Suddenly, everyone had to buy a new antenna. The Federal government even offered coupons to help folks afford the new technology. Many networks, and even smaller, local TV stations, began offering additional channels to viewers. As with everything these days, its all about content and having something to build around advertising. Take, for example, the Decades Channel. Part of the CBS network, this channel is dedicated to focusing on one decade, or sometimes even just one year, of the past. One-time news reader, Bill Curtis, hosts the channel. Programming during the week usually includes a historical look at the decade or year, plus one movie and several TV series episodes from that era. This weekend, the Decades Channel took us back to the Age of Polyester, the 1970s, with a weekend-long marathon of ″Celebrity Bowling″.

Yes, its a Monday and an Open Thread article! Which means to say that nothing of real importance happened over the weekend, and I just don′t feel like writing about Hillary Clinton appearing on Saturday Night Live. I don′t even feel like charging Barack Obama as an international war criminal for the deadly attack on a Doctors Without Borders, or MSF, hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. I suppose I could write a review and recap of last night′s Season 1 finale of ″Fear the Walking Dead″. But I wrote about that yesterday and frankly, I′m pretty disappointed that the new series was 6 episodes long and I have to wait a whole year to find out if the characters escape on Strand′s luxury, mega-yacht, the ′Abigail′.

So I did happen to catch a few episodes of ″Celebrity Bowling″. As boring as it was, I did find some merit to the show. Namely, watching ladies like Angie Dickinson or Susan St. James bend over wearing their tight, polyester slacks while tossing a bowling ball. Perhaps I was having a creepy, Bill Murray/Carl Spackler moment from ″Caddyshack″? ″Oh, Mrs. Crane, you′re a little monkey woman.″ Frankly, however, I would have been more satisfied had the Decades Channel aired a weekend marathon of ″Stump the Stars″. True, that series I think ended in 1970 after a long run through the ′60s. But I recall watching it back when the series originally aired. Not only was it more entertaining, but I clearly remember some good ′upskirt′ shots of Deanna Lund. Woo-Hoo!

As this is an Open Thread article, feel free to comment on any subject you care to. I wrote about the ″Celebrity Bowling″ marathon on the Decades Channel. One of the many digital TV channels offered by the major broadcasting networks. Have you seen the show? Do you agree with their method of using the ″Best Ball″ rule? Or maybe you want to post a comment on another topic, like Obama now being called an international war criminal? He′s sitting in the ′Big Chair′ as Commander-in-Chief. Obama is responsible for the Kunduz hospital massacre in Afghanistan. People blamed George W. Bush for the Abu Ghraib thing in Iraq. Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot now, is it?