Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio program, ′The Savage Nation′, has done it again! His new book, ″Government Zero″, will rock our political world. Published by Center Street, a division of the Hachette Book Group, Inc., Savage once again takes on those whom intend to rob us of our freedom and of our very lives. For years he has been preaching his message of ″Borders, Language, Culture.″ ″Government Zero″ is subtitled, ″No Borders, No Language, No Culture″. Michael Savage takes us down the dark road being paved by Progressives, Marxists and Islamofascists. He pulls no punches, bashing away at Republicans and Democrats alike, even taking on Pope Francis! The treachery and high treason of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Jeb Bush and a host of others is fully exposed for all too see. ″Government Zero″ paints a bleak picture, but Michael Savage does offer a solution.

In his previous, non-fiction work, ″Stop The Coming Civil War″, Savage proposed that the only way to hope to bring an end to the nightmare known as the Obama administration was to elect Republicans. But what did that get us? Not much, if anything. The GOP took back control of the U.S. Senate but has failed miserably under Mitch McConnell. Obama is walking all over them! Now we face a world where Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon. Where ISIS, or ISIL if you prefer, will run amok throughout the Middle East. Where Europe will be overrun by Muslims. Where America will only give refuge to Syrian Muslims and not to Christians whom are being slaughtered.

Obama and his minions are not only just leaving our borders wide open for a torrent of illegal immigrants to pour in from Central and South America, but is now flying in unvetted persons from places ripe with radical Islam. Who knows how many Islamic extremists and terrorists will be brought in at our own expense and peril? Obama has already changed our commitment from just a few thousand Syrian refugees to 200,000. Give Obama an inch and he′ll take a mile and a half!

Michael Savage lays out his argument as to the existence and nature of ″Government Zero″, all with full references easily fact-checked. Step by step, item by item, Savage details every aspect of the destruction of America′s borders, language and culture. From schoolyards and churches to corporate boardrooms and the Pentagon, the hand of Obama and others are busy doing the Devil′s work. The rise of radical Islam and the rebirth of Soviet-style Marxism are joined hand-in-hand, each pounding away at what remains of Western Civilization.

To say this is a ′must-read′ book is putting it mildly. If you care at all about your present life and liberty, and those of the future for your offspring, then ″Government Zero″ by Michael Savage is for you. Savage has not lost faith in the American people, but he has with the virtual ′single party′ rule by Republicans and Democrats. The window of hope is closing rapidly and Michael Savage believes now more than ever before that the time has come for a new, third party. A Nationalist Party whose candidates are committed to doing what is right for the legal citizens of the United States. Preserving the U.S. Constitution, as well as our borders, language and culture.

Critics will jump on this and falsely claim that Savage has gone Nazi. But Michael Savage knows the difference between Nationalism and National Socialism. He explains this well and turns the tables, as it is the very same critics, who are in support of ″Government Zero″ as a policy goal. Savage exposes them for who they truly are, traitors, liars and all-around villains. In the Savage World, there is little space between those who behead Christians and Jews in the name of Allah and those who butcher babies to sell their body parts in the name of Science.

A Nationalist is one who wants only the best for his or her own country. They oppose those who think that playing second fiddle, or caving into unjust demands by other nations and groups who seek to hold the upper hand over us. With our current crop of politicians, who seem more interested in their own gains and those of their financial backers, America is ceasing to have a government ″by the People, of the People and for the People.″ On nearly every major issue that has emerged in recent years, from Obamacare to the Iran nuclear deal, the polling data shows that a majority of ′the People′ opposed such. Yet, Obama, Congress and even the Supreme Court, are letting it all slide along. Who needs to be invaded when our own leaders are destroying our nation?

So, if there is one book to read before you are shoved into a pizza oven by an LGBT activist or beheaded by an Islamofascist, ″Government Zero″ by Dr. Michael Savage is it! Published by Center Street, a division of the Hachette Book Group, Inc., ″Government Zero″ lays out the whole, dark world that the Progressives, Marxists and radical Islamic jihadis have in store for us. Do you want a nation? Do you want sound borders, language and culture? Or are you ready to bow and scrape before ″Government Zero″ with no borders, no language and no culture, other than a culture of death and destruction? The clock is ticking my fellow ′Real′ Americans! Don′t be caught snoozing when the poop hits the fan!


Michael Savage read this review at the beginning of his show, “The Savage Nation”, on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. He seems pretty happy about it which pleases me to no end! Listen for yourself…