If you are fans of the hit series on AMC-TV, ″The Walking Dead″, you are in for a treat! Eight days of the Zombie Apocalypse! The fun begins this afternoon at 3:15 EDT with a ″Fear The Walking Dead″ marathon, leading up to the mid-season finale with Episode 6, or 106, ″A Good Man″. On Monday evening, starting at 6pm EDT, AMC-TV presents a week-long ″The Walking Dead″ marathon, rerunning every episode. This leads us up to Sunday night with the Season 6 premiere of ″The Walking Dead″. So grab your katana, crossbow, or favorite firearm. To paraphrase ′The Thing′ from the ′Fantastic Four′, ″It′s Zombie Clobbering Time!″

After 5 episodes of ″Fear The Walking Dead″, things have finally started getting interesting. Actually, I would say this trend began around Episode 3. ″Fear″ takes us back to the beginning of the apocalypse as the Zombie virus starts to spread. Our cast of characters in Los Angeles found themselves facing the ugly truth that their normal way of life was starting to unravel. Issues like dealing with dysfunctional family matters, jobs, marriages, relationships, school and drug addiction have been replaced by basic survival.

The Episodes 1 through 3 covered events during the first 4-5 days as peaceful, normal, everyday life disappeared. People began getting sick and turning into zombies. As the police dealt with the situation by shooting zombies, whom the normals still saw as unarmed neighbors and bystanders, protests and rioting broke out. By the 4th or 5th day, society was beginning to crumble. Hospitals became compromised as patients turned into hungry flesh-eaters. Those who still could not accept what was happening soon became victims themselves, and turned into zombies.

Just as our group of characters were about to leave L.A. and head for the hills, the National Guard arrive! They set up a safety zone and keep the zone zombie-free. If you are sick or injured, you′re removed to a make-shift detention center and field hospital set up at a nearby community college. But how safe is anyone? Turns out, not very safe at all. Other ′safe zones′ have become compromised. We learn that a sports stadium turned into a refugee center is now home to some 2,000 zombies after the military was forced to abandon it. In last week′s episode, ″Cobalt″, we see the National Guard is pulling out of the city completely. What will Travis, Madison and their children do now?

We will learn the answer to that question tonight. After the mid-season finale of ″Fear The Walking Dead″, AMC-TV will treat us with a new edition of ″Talking Dead″. Cast members will discuss the series and we will get fresh clues and spoilers for the Season 6 premiere of ″The Walking Dead″. Rick Grimes and his ′family′ of survivors are taking over the safe haven of Alexandria, Virginia. But they are not alone. There are plenty of zombies about and a new threat. A group of marauders who call themselves ′The Wolves′. Rick must deal with them while he reorganizes Alexandria to prepare them for the business at hand.

Toss away the remote! You won′t need it for the next 8 days. AMC-TV begins its week-long ″The Walking Dead″ marathon this afternoon with the first 5 episodes of ″Fear The Walking Dead″ followed by the mid-season finale and a bonus edition of ″Talking Dead″. The Zombie Apocalypse is back in force, leading us to next Sunday′s Season 6 premiere of ″The Walking Dead″. If you are new to the series, this is your big chance to jump aboard the bandwagon and catch up with the rest of us.