The latest poll by the Pew Research Center has Jeb Bush at a measly 4%! Donald Trump leads the pack of 2016 GOP presidential candidates with 25%, 9-points above second-place Ben Carson at 16%. Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina are tied at 8% each with Ted Cruz at 6%. Following Jeb Bush at 4% are Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul with just 2% each. The seven remaining candidates are lumped into the ′Other′ category with a grand total of just 4% for the bunch. Most of the other polls of recent date have Jeb Bush at around 9%, which is his current standing in the Real Clear Politics average. Is Jeb Bush a victim of ″stuff happens″? How will he overcome this possible decline?

Here′s how Jeb Bush plans to improve his poll numbers, M-O-N-E-Y! He didn′t raise over $100 Million dollars just for kicks. His campaign is planning to spend some $25 Million over the next few weeks with a barrage of TV ads. The problem for Jeb is that his original game plan was not to tap into his war chest until the primary season began. This means that for the month of October, Jeb is canceling many campaign events, like town halls, in order to focus on fund raising. Even his brother, George W. Bush, will be hitting the fund raising circuit.

I think we can safely call this a ′defensive′ move. Sort of a political circling of the wagons. One might even to go as far as to say that Jeb Bush is starting to get desperate. He′s just not connecting at all with voters. At campaign events, Jeb is lucky to draw over a hundred people at venues in Iowa and New Hampshire. You might say that such is not bad for such low population states. But guys like Trump, Carson and even Bernie Sanders, are pulling in crowds of over a thousand people. Sometimes at events just down the road from where Jeb is speaking.

About the only friends Jeb Bush has these days are the usual gang of dullards from The National Review, The Weekly Standard and Karl Rove. They are even trying to boost Carly Fiorina in their quest to damage Donald Trump, just so they can ditch her later and prop Jeb up. Many polls have shown that the American voters are not happy if they are forced to choose between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in November, 2016. While many still think that those two will wind up being the nominees, some polls show that two-thirds or so wish that was not the case.

So does the latest Pew Research Center poll, showing Jeb Bush at just 4%, shock you? Can Jeb Bush put on his ′Big Boy Pants′ in time to save his floundering campaign? Or is this a case of ″stuff happens″? Will Jeb be able to raise the $25 Million he is forced to spend early, even with George W. Bush helping? Or will the big donors start backing another dead horse, like Marco Rubio, to stop the Donald Trump Express? I noticed that in the Fox News ′Campaign Roulette′ this week during Special Report with Brett Baire, a lot more money is being bet on Rubio now than Bush by the ′experts′. Are the $100 Million that Jeb Bush has enough chips to get him across the finish line? What about Jeb now comparing himself to John McCain? How wise was that? UGH!!! No wonder the guy is at 4% and falling!