Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon was the scene of the latest mass shooting event yesterday. The suspect, 26-year old Chris Harper Mercer, killed at least 9 victims and wounded ten or more others before being killed. Details are sketchy this early into the investigation. For example, some reports claim that the police shot and killed Mercer, others say he killed himself. Even the exact number of victims has changed several times in the past 24 hours. At least two of those students confronted by Mercer claim that he selected those he killed by asking if they were Christians. Those who admitted they were Mercer killed by a gunshot to their heads. Those who did not answer or said ″No″ were merely shot in the leg.

According to UK′s Daily Mail, Chris Harper Mercer was mixed-race with a British father. Mercer was apparently obsessed with mass shootings, as well as with Nazi Germany and the Irish Republican Army, or IRA. He had posted images on social media of IRA logos and scenes with captions like ″Undefeated Army″. Mercer also bought and collected Nazi memorabilia according to the Daily Mail. It is said he also claimed to be a ″Conservative Republican″, but nothing is yet known of his voting preferences.

Naturally, Barack Obama went public condemning the shootings and called for more gun control laws. He essentially blamed Republicans for not passing any so-called ″common sense″ laws to further restrict gun sales. Obama told reporters at the White House Briefing Room that America has become ″numb″ to gun violence. Oddly enough, Obama made no comment about six murders in his home town of Chicago earlier this week, including one incident where a mother and grandmother were killed and an 11-month old baby boy wounded. Even while the nation′s attention was focused on Oregon, five people were shot and wounded just on Thursday in Chicago, including a 15-year old boy. Chicago, and the whole State of Illinois, already have some of the toughest gun laws on the books. No mention by Obama at all on these shootings or why those gun laws failed to prevent violence.

No, its politics as usual by Barack Obama. Even Hillary Clinton jumped on the bandwagon yesterday to call for more pointless gun laws. None of the laws already on the books, nor even those suggested to be drafted and passed, would have mattered at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The shootings still would have taken place as a mad man, Chris Harper Mercer targeted Christians to be killed. The college students and teachers were sitting ducks as the campus′ only security guard on duty was apparently unarmed according to some news reports. Even if the guard had a gun, one armed person on a campus that size sure wasn′t going to be able to keep the place safe. No, the only way to stay safe is to take it upon yourself to be armed and ready. This is why the Donald Trump plan for a National Right-To-Carry policy is the best way to go. Talk about ″common sense″! You think some idiot shooter is going to go some place where there are a large number of people who may be armed? Nope! Mercer went to the college because he knew it was a wide-open, target-rich environment where he could expect no resistance whatsoever.