Speaking before a large audience in Keane, New Hampshire, Donald J. Trump promised the thousands of Syrian refugees that Barack Obama intends to import to America that they′ll be sent home if Trump is elected. This drew a standing ovation by many at the speech. Donald Trump said that while he sympathizes with the refugees, America is too broke to accept 100-200 thousand Muslim Syrians. He is also suspicious of who exactly Obama wants to let in. As we have seen recently, our vetting process in Syria leaves much to be desired. Even if just a dozen, or even one terrorist sneaks in along with the refugees, the risk is too high.

The latest batch of polls coming out show that the momentary dip in Trump′s numbers following the second GOP debate has ended. Trump is still leading everywhere and he′s gaining ground over the competition. Ben Carson is still in second place but has lost ground after a few gaffes and more of his low-energy style. Seriously, the guy could do commercials for My Pillow. ″I′m Ben Carson and the reason I am so relaxed and calm is due to a good night′s sleep thanks to My Pillow.″ They really ought to hire Carson after he drops out. ″After a full night of restful sleep thanks to My Pillow, I can cruise through 8 hours of brain surgery without missing a nerve ending.″ LOL!!! My apologizes if you find my humor unsettling.

Then, there is Jeb Bush. Or is it Jeb! 2016? Either way, Jeb ′Low-Energy′ Bush is still in the single digits in the new polls. Which is why his campaign is now planning to launch a TV ad blitz, spending upwards of $25 Million dollars or more in the coming weeks. Maybe Jeb is taking a queue from Rootin-Tootin′-Putin? Or perhaps he is worried now since Chuck Todd of NBC has announced that he has no intention of moderating 11 GOP candidates for 3 hours of debate. Todd is warning Republican candidates to boost their numbers or get left out.

Good Luck with guys like Lindsey Graham and George Pataki improving their poll numbers! That ain′t gonna happen. There is now an official ′Death Watch′ for the Rand Paul presidential campaign. How embarrassing? Even his daddy was able to get 5% or so straight through the primary season. May as well start death watches for Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and a bunch of others, too.

So Donald Trump has no use for the 200,000 or so Syrian refugees that Barack Obama wants to let into America. Naturally, the voters agree with Trump, thus putting his poll numbers back on solid ground. Rumors of Trump′s demise have once again been premature. Even the resting bitchy face of Carly Fiorina can′t stop The Donald. Nor can Fox News! Trump is back where he belongs. On top, large and in charge. Leading the polls and the path to make America great again!