Despite the happy-slappy chit-chat between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama at the United Nations this week, we now see how Putin outfoxed Obama once again! Yesterday, Russia launched airstrikes in Syria amid their civil war. Putin is backing the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, targeting rebel forces against the regime. Secretary John Kerry met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday after Russia began its air campaign in Syria, to which they gave the United States only one hour′s notice. A slap in the face and sign of total disregard and contempt towards the Obama administration. Russia and Iran are now taking the lead in the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in Syria.

Meanwhile, we learned this week that after spending over $230 Million dollars to train some 65 ′moderate′ Syrians to fight, the four or five Syrian soldiers who actually went into battle against ISIS have left the battlefield. They gave their weapons to a group associated with Al Qaeda! Just another sign of how Obama has bungled the whole war on terror. So is it any wonder that the Russians are treating us like fools?

Nope! Between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry, the United States has little, if any, respect left in the Middle East. Let alone the whole world. By only giving us a one hour′s notice about their airstrikes, the Russians are showing their general contempt for Obama. Probably reinforcing suspicions held by many in the region that the Obama White House is actually supporting radical, extremist jihadis like the Muslim Brotherhood and even the Islamic State itself.

The Obama policy of not equipping the Kurds nor helping the Egyptians in their fight against ISIS has had many people scratching their heads. While the Obama strategy of ′pin-prick′ attacks against ISIS-owned pick up trucks and the odd gun emplacement have done little to ebb the growth of the Islamic State, Russia has entered the conflict with thunder-clap surprise. Taking no chances that jihadi sympathizers within the Obama administration could tip off their friends, Russia gave us a one hour notice and then launched a torrent of bombs. Now with the field cleared a bit of minor players, Russia has paved a way for Iran to deploy troops on the ground in Syria.

Don′t get me wrong, I′m not happy that we are letting Russia and Iran get away with this. But Obama and Hillary Clinton opened the door to the situation with their Arab Spring policy. Their public support of the Muslim Brotherhood sent a clear signal to many in the Middle East that the jihadis were being given a free hand by Obama to cause havoc. The ′terrorist-fist-bumps′ became a chain reaction. Putin does not like an untidy world and he is now determined to do something about it.

What do you think about Russia launching airstrikes in Syria? Will Vladimir Putin get the job done unlike Barack Obama? It is pretty clear that the Bashar al-Assad regime is sticking around now that Iran has deployed ground troops to Syria. How long will ISIS last under the Russian boot? Is it a bad thing that the Islamic State′s days are numbered?