Yesterday, the head of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, faced a gauntlet of questions from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Republican Chairman Jason Chaffetz and others challenged Ms. Richards on many issues. Including the horrific videos concerning the selling of fetal tissue. House GOP members are threatening to suspend federal funds for Planned Parenthood due to its practices on abortions, as well as political activities. Some $450 Million dollars of taxpayer money is given to Planned Parenthood each year. Ms. Richards, who earns an annual salary of $590,000, defended Planned Parenthood′s activities, not only of selling body parts of babies, but also donating some $22 Million dollars to Democrats and Left-Wing causes.

Naturally, Democrats on the House committee clouded the discussions and supported Ms. Richards. The federal government funding makes up about one-third of Planned Parenthood′s yearly budget of $1.3 Billion dollars. Of money they earn on their own, around 90% comes from performing abortions. Defenders who often cite how they provide mammograms to detect breast cancer early were thrown a curve ball when Ms. Richards admitted that none of their clinics have the equipment to do examinations. The $450 Million from Washington is supposed to be directly allocated towards Medicaid claims by low-income patients.

The basic financial issue is that the federal funds given to Planned Parenthood allow them to spend money from other sources on abortions and on politics. Republicans want to suspend all direct payments to Planned Parenthood and instead provide the money directly to hospitals and clinics who apparently, according to Ms. Richards, are the ones actually doing mammograms and medical services other than abortions. This would cut out Planned Parenthood as the middleman in providing such non-abortion-related services.

Will the Congress cut federal money to Planned Parenthood? I hope they do. Did Cecile Richards succeed in her defense of the organization′s activities? I don′t think so! But she and they have their defenders in The Media. The videos on the sale of baby body parts are quite damning. Whether any authority tries to prosecute them remains to be seen. Some state government might take up the challenge, but the Barack Obama Justice Department is unlikely to for political reasons. Meanwhile, the slaughter of the innocents continues…