Pope Francis ends his 2015 visit to America today. He′ll be returning to Rome and the Vatican City after holding mass in Philadelphia this afternoon at 4pm. The crowd is expected to be one million strong or more. This follows masses held in New York City and in Washington, DC earlier in the week. The Papal tour of the USA has caused much debate. Has the Pontiff gone too political in his messages? Did he attack the foundations of Capitalism? Does this make him a Communist? Why so little from the Pope about abortion? Seems that his only reference to protecting life dealt with ending capital punishment. Is the Catholic Church now in league with the forces of Socialism?

There are many who suspect it has. Rumors abound on how some within the Church want a speedy exit of the current Pope. Shortly after he gave a speech about social obligations and tolerance, a group of African bishops issued their own joint statement demanding that ′Western′ ideals on marriage, including same-sex marriage, and other issues be banned from their lands. These bishops want no part of the moral decay being promoted by so-called, Modern Society.

The Pope appeared to be attacking our economic system and in the worst way. He accused Capitalism of being a force for slavery. Had he just tweaked his phrasing, substituting ′Central Banking′ or ′debt-based, fiat currency′ many of the Pope′s critics might have agreed with him. But, Pope Francis attacked Capitalism for creating poverty, a complete and total lie. No other economic system has created more individual prosperity than Capitalism. Even on a social level, the prosperity created has resulted in the United States being the most charitable nation on Earth. We do more to relieve poverty than the rest of the planet combined. Likewise we take in more refugees and general immigrants than all other countries do. A point missed as the Pope appealed for amnesty for illegal immigrants in America.

Frankly, I′m glad that Pope Francis is leaving the USA today. I am all ′poped-out′! Yes, I was baptized and raised as a Catholic, but the Church has never been the same after Vatican II. As the old joke goes, if you want to be an atheist, be raised a Catholic, first. The same is true if you want to be an Evangelical. The Catholic Church has become a real turn-off when it comes to faith. With Pope Francis the Bouncer, the Papal hypocrisy has reached new levels of height and shame. The Vatican takes in no immigrants nor does it sell off any of its treasures to help the poor. Thank goodness for MeTV! I was able to watch old reruns of ″F-Troop″ and other fine programs instead of the Pope this week. Mmm, Wrangler Jane! Its a shame Melody Patterson died last week, she was yummy!