The big non-Pope news of the week was the announcement yesterday that Speaker of the House John Boehner will be resigning before the end of the year. Boehner, who has served as Speaker since the Tea Party revolution is 2010, is expected to leave by the end of October. An attempt back in January had failed to oust Boehner, who is often criticized for being lack-luster in performance. Many Conservatives are hailing the news as a triumph, but be careful not to celebrate too much. Majority Leader Andrew McCarthy is expected to replace him. There is a move promote an alternative, Rep. Daniel Webster from Florida′s 10th District around Orlando. But how realistic are Webster′s chances?

John Boehner has carried out his job as Speaker with mixed results. While some can argue that under Boehner, House Republicans have stopped many moves by Barack Obama, others can say that the GOP leader has failed in blocking or over-turning key parts of the Obama administration legacy. Within the GOP caucus, there has existed a wide divide amongst House Republicans. Boehner has been accused of being a dictator when it comes to efforts to silence Tea Party and junior members of Congress. He even is violating one of his own rules meant to prevent members from holding a particular position of power for more than six years.

Whatever you think, you have to agree that Boehner has had to deal with tough issues during a difficult time for our nation. Whoever was going to have the job of cleaning up the mess Nancy Pelosi made was in for a rough time. Dealing with Obama is darn near impossible. I think he′s done the best he could, but Boehner just wasn′t really the guy we needed at this time. We needed a fighter, a reactionary, to counter Obama. Instead, we got a bartender who cries more often than his customers.

So are you happy to hear that John Boehner will resign as Speaker of the House? Will you be looking forward to Andrew McCarthy replacing him? Or are you joining the opposition that wants Daniel Webster to succeed Boehner? What is your favorite John Boehner moment? Or your least favorite? Will you shed tears in your beer or will you create a new cocktail in honor of his departure? Do share as Lindsey Graham may need to get drunk tonight!