According to Donald Trump, the Fox News Channel is being unfair to him. So, he has decided to suspend appearances on their network for the time being. Trump canceled a scheduled interview for tonight′s ″O′Reilly Factor″ with host, Bill ′Lord Haw-Haw′ O′Reilly. Last night on ′The Kelly File′, Megyn Kelly continued her trashing of Trump with another weekly visit by National Review editor, Rich Lowry. At one point, Lowry claimed that Carly Fiorina ″cut off his balls″ in referring to the fired HP executive performance against Trump during the last debate. Fox News, along with most of The Media, has been beating the drum for Fiorina since then. They have been downplaying, or outright ignoring polls that show Trump still leading the 2016 GOP race. The Media, including FNC, has also been over-hyping stories negative remarks not even made by Trump, yet trying to such tie to him.

Since Day One, Fox News has had a steady parade of pundits and contributors whom are opposed to Donald Trump, mainly over his immigration stance. Whereas the more Progressive elements of the Republican Party favor amnesty and open borders, Trump wants to build a wall along our southern border and recognizes that illegal immigrants are illegally here. Some are not only violating laws merely by being here, but are also committing other crimes, including murders and rapes. Trump vows to deport the worst out immediately once he takes office. On the subject of amnesty and open borders, Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, stands alongside other supporters of this policy, including the likes of George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg.

About the only on-air personality working for Fox News who is ′fair and balanced′ with Donald Trump has been Eric Bolling. Bolling was attacked early on by Dana PeRINO, a known ′Bushee′. Nearly everybody else at FNC has been critical of Trump on one topic or another. Folks like George Will and Charles Krauthammer have been extremely negative towards the Trump campaign from the beginning. Guys like Karl Rove we expect to oppose Trump, since, aside from also being a ′Bushee′, Rove earns a living milking elites of cash for his super PAC. Something which Trump refuses to cooperate with. Rich Lowry and William Kristol trash Trump routinely as they are defenders of the Neo-Con ideology, which has entangled us in far too many foreign intrigues.

Do you agree with Donald Trump and support his decision to boycott the Fox News Channel? Is Trump correct that FNC is actively opposing him? Have you stopped watching Fox News as much since Megyn Kelly and others have gone on the offensive? I know I have. The last few speaking and town hall events Trump has held, Fox News did not even carry them! Overall, I have to say that CNN and even MSNBC has been far more fair and balanced in their coverage of the Trump campaign than Fox has. Its a topsy-turvy world we are living in these days. Naturally, I blame Barack Hussein Obama for that!