…And then there were 15. No, this is not a review of an Agatha Christie novel. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has suspended his 2016 presidential campaign. Walker bailed out of the GOP race for the White House, citing that he did it for the good of the Republican Party. He wants other marginal candidates to do likewise so that a ′true conservative′ with a positive message can emerge and take down the front-runner, Donald Trump. But the reality is that Walker just failed to click with voters. Especially in Iowa, where Walker waffled on the subject of ethanol, a taboo topic in the Land of Corn. Once he did that, his numbers collapsed.

It is a shame that Walker failed to catch on. But, even in New Hampshire, his anti-union rhetoric became dull and monotonous. So Scott Walker blames Donald Trump, as many are within the GOP and The Media. I almost fell over yesterday watching Neil Cavuto interview Dick Cheney on the Fox News Channel. Cavuto asked Cheney why Lindsey Graham seems to be the only candidate talking about national security? HELLOOOOO!?!? Is not building a wall along our border in the interest of national security? Graham′s answer to everything is to first get drunk. There you go Neil and Dick! Lindsey Graham, the U.S. Grant of the 21st Century. Ugh!

Don′t get me wrong, I like Scott Walker. He′s young and can run again in the future, if we have one. But right now, he′s not the guy for the job at hand. Bless his heart, Joe Scarborough made the best point this morning on his MSNBC show. If its a choice between an angry candidate and a milquetoast candidate, the Republican base wants somebody who will fight for them! Just look at what happened last night to Jeb Bush at a pro-immigration rally. Even though he′s in bed with them, the amnesty-now crowd still shouted him down.

You know darn well that a President Donald Trump would throw a fit if U.S. Army troops helping Afghanistan have a nation would insist on us punishing soldiers who tried to stop Afghan fighters rape young boys. But the Pentagon under Barack Obama just turns a blind eye to the whole sickening thing. Trump would tell the Afghans to either clean up their own act or we′re out of there! He certainly wouldn′t stand for any of our troops to be disciplined or kicked out of the U.S. Army. According to the New York Times, the Pentagon did charge and dismiss our soldiers who tried to rescue a boy chained to a bed and being raped by Afghan men, if I could call such ′men′. That is what we get with the Obama administration. Just one more scandal added to the pile.

To Scott Walker, you only have yourself to blame. Donald Trump was not your enemy. Walker needed a heaping helping of passion and he just didn′t have the fire in the belly. He didn′t even have the drive to insert himself into the debates more as other ′low-energy′ and ′low-poll-number′ candidates did. I do agree that the GOP would be better off if a bunch of other ′minor′ candidates dropped out of the 2016 Republican presidential race. This would allow Trump to focus more on issues, which, as we have seen with his immigration and gun rights papers, are most certainly Conservative and Optimistic! Trump is no Constitutional lawyer, thank God, nor a scholar. But he does have a passion for the spirit of our Constitution which might only be equaled by candidates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.