Pope Francis is visiting the United States of America this week. He′ll be arriving just in time for Shemitah 2015, as well as for the Super Blood Moon and the asteroid flyby. Naturally, Barack Hussein Obama will throw the Pope a party. Invited are a transvestite, a transgender, some pro-baby-killing nuns and other assorted freaks. I′m surprised Obama isn′t holding this shin-dig at the Illuminati Camp in California where devotees conduct pagan rituals before the giant Walter Cronkite owl. The Pope will be causing trouble of his own, addressing the United Nations Assembly as the UN kicks off its 2030 Agenda for world domination. Just when you thought Jade Helm was winding down! Boxcars to FEMA camps, anyone?

Yep, its a Monday and an Open Thread for you today. That means you may comment on any subject you wish. I was tempted to write a review/recap of the latest episodes of either Fear The Walking Dead or Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar. Or perhaps of the Season 9 Premiere of Doctor Who, which was pretty good! But the Pope is going to be the big news of the day and tomorrow I have a doctor visit. So, I figured I better get his Holiness out of the way early.

Pope Francis has stirred the pot among Catholics of all stripes. On some things he′s been good, others bad. The Pope has spoken out against the Islamic State for their beheading of Christians. But then he goes around hyping the climate change fiction and trashes Capitalism. At least he hasn′t started giving ISIS members papal passports so they can travel to South America yet.

So are you looking forward to Pope Francis visiting the United States? Would you want an invite to Obama′s freakshow at the White House? Or are there other, more pressing issues on your mind to raise for our audience? I wonder how the Pope feels about America electing a Muslim president one day? Or, maybe, the Pope knows something that we don′t? **Snicker**