I am finding it harder to avoid ruffling feathers as the Beltway Bozos ramp up their anti-Trump rhetoric. Take the case, for example, of William Kristol, Prince of the Neo-Cons. Or should I say, Cuckservatives? Billy-Boy is now actually suggesting a 3rd Party movement to elect either Dick Cheney or Tom Cotton! If Donald Trump manages to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Kristol is ready to jump ship. Does the Republican Party need Bill Kristol to sign a loyalty oath? Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

What ever happened to the argument that any decent 3rd Party candidate would automatically condemn America to President Hillary Rodham Clinton? Does William Kristol truly believe that Dick Cheney would win enough votes in a general election to defeat bot Clinton and Trump? If he does, then Kristol is either totally insane or is just a tool for the Establishment Elite whom are marching us towards global tyranny and one-world government. Perhaps Ann Coulter already thinks that? I′m certain that fans of Murdoch-Murdoch videos on You-Tube already do.

Bad enough that the Fox News Channel has gone totally anti-Trump, except for Eric Bolling. Once again this morning on Fox & Friends, hosts on the ′Curvy Couch′ pushed the obscure poll showing Carly Fiorina leading Trump in New Hampshire. They did not even bother to mention several other polls, by more legitimate outfits, like Reuters, show Donald Trump still well ahead of the rest of the GOP candidates with 35% or more. Even another newer polling company, Morning Consult, shows Trump peaking again towards 40%. Their numbers also show that whatever gains Fiorina is making is not coming out of Trump′s pocket, but from others like Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush.

Folks like William Kristol, George Will and Charles Krauthammer have been pushing the Beltway-Insider mentality for far too long. The situation is even worse among the Democrats as they are all about making government larger and more powerful. The success of Ronald Reagan was being able to communicate a message of why a smaller, less intrusive government is better for all. Not that Reagan wound up doing as much as we had hoped he would on that score, he pitched the message and people bought it. Kristol feeds off of the usual gang of lobbyists and think-tankers, promoting the Status Quo, even while polls show that 75% believe our political system is corrupt and broken.

Yesterday, I spoke with my contact ′Inside the Beltway′. My contact told of a lunch he/she had with an employee of a Koch-Brother funded think tank. How they are in full panic mode over the Donald Trump candidacy. Not only is Trump not taking bribes from these cats, he doesn′t consult nor listen to them. If Trump gets elected, K-Street will become a ghost town, complete with tumble weeds. The blood suckers will have go find REAL jobs! Good luck with that!

So are you still a devotee of William Kristol? Or have you canceled your subscription to The Weekly Standard? I sure have and also wrote off the National Review. Those creeps are trying to tie Donald Trump with Ann Coulter and her tweets this week. The hysteria within the Beltway GOP hierarchy is amusing to watch but could doom America to a Hillary Clinton White House. Especially if Kristol keeps pushing for a third party run starring Dick Cheney or Tom Cotton. Maybe I′m just too excited as either one of those guys would probably get only 3-5% of the vote at best, if even that. Well, at least I didn′t make fun of the ′bitchy-resting-face′ persona of Carly Fiorina today. Oops! Did I say that?