Much hay has been stirred up during the past 40 or so hours about a town hall question posed to Donald Trump by an alleged New Hampshire man claiming Barack Hussein Obama was not born in America. Other presidential candidates have chimed in, attacking Trump for not being more aggressive in handling the claim. Even Hillary Clinton emerged from her ′Cone of Silence′ to criticize Trump. But oddly enough, it was the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign that started the whole thing about Obama being born in Kenya! So I asked when will Hillary publicly apologize to Obama for her role in giving birth to the Birther movement?

Mighty fishy if you ask me! Now, I should point out that Hillary′s operative who started the rumor got his or her information from an old press release from when Obama′s ′autobiography′, ″Dreams From My Father″, first came out in 1995. Whoever was handling publicity for the book erred in stating that Obama was born in Kenya. For some strange reason, probably because nobody knew who he was at the time nor really cared as book sales were awful, Obama never made an issue of the error. Only after Obama became a nationally recognized politician did subsequent print runs have a corrected biography.

So that is how the whole thing started. It was not the Koch Brothers nor the RNC nor even Karl Rove. The rumor about Obama being born in Kenya was an error from a book publisher which the Hillary Clinton campaign decided to use. Dick Cheney did not fly to Kenya in his SR-71 Blackbird to check on Obama′s birth or substitute a certificate of birth in Hawaii. It was all Hillary Clinton. Even Bill Clinton got in on the act saying that Obama ″is the biggest fantasy tale I′ve ever seen.″ It was even a Clinton operative from Illinois, Andy Martin, who started the whole ′Obama-is-a-Muslim′ rumor back in 2004. Which brings me back to my question, when will Hillary Clinton apologize to Barack Hussein Obama for her supporters starting these rumors about Obama being a Muslim or born in Kenya? Why is nobody in The Media asking her this question? The Media does not even seem interested in the identity of the man who asked Trump the question in New Hampshire. Was that man a regular ′Joe′, or was he a plant? I′m not talking potted plant, here, either. Unfortunately, I have to go hide in my bunker now. I hear Dick Cheney′s SR-71 Blackbird flying overhead!