It is pretty rare when a politician outfoxes the National Rifle Association, but Donald J. Trump is not your average political hack. Trump has issued his second, official, position paper, this time on the Second Amendment. The Donald says that the right to carry firearms should be a national right. That the Second Amendment is the most important amendment in our Bill of Rights as it safeguards the rest along with the entire U.S. Constitution. Trump even calls our right to keep and bear arms ″America′s first freedom″! Usually, its the NRA that has to hold a candidate′s feet to the fire. But Donald Trump not only chopped the wood, but lit the fire for the NRA. How about that, Mr. and Mrs. America? Trump also addresses background checks, improving mental health checks, and adopting tougher criminal sentencing, such as Virginia′s Project Exile program.

The timing of the paper could not be better, as The Media has been busy attacking Trump for something he did not say and inflating Carly Fiorina′s performance at the CNN debate. Even Fox News carried the ball of Trump-bashing with many of its personalities hyping the two fables. Dana ′Purina′ PeRINO mentioned some obscure poll showing Carly now leading in New Hampshire. Some company called Voter Gravity released its poll results, but even on their website, there are no details, not even a margin of error. Looks to me like they are just trying to sell their smart phone app with some ginned-up publicity. Even Fox & Friends this Saturday morning talked about the poll, as well as the two fables, and failed to mention Trump′s paper on gun rights.

The Trump paper takes an objective, realistic view on enforcing laws and decreasing violence which is on the rise in many cities. He calls on using the old Project Exile program once used in Richmond, Virginia, where murders committed using guns decreased 60%-plus. Gun-using criminals who committed violent felonies were prosecuted by federal courts and faced a 5-year prison sentence with no parole. Trump wants to restore Project Exile and make it nationwide.

Donald also praises the work of Law Enforcement officers in protecting us citizens, but acknowledges that they cannot be everywhere all of the time. Trump states clearly that he, himself, is a law-abiding gun owner with a permit to carry a concealed weapon. He says that ″Our personal protection is ultimately up to us.″ Trump also calls for expanding mental health programs. While most mentally ill people are not violent, some are and must be recognized and dealt with if they are a danger to themselves and the community. Nearly all of the more recent mass-shootings were committed by people with some mental disorder. Identifying such individuals and putting them on a ′No Sell′ list which would be flagged in a background check would reduced such crimes.

Donald Trump also believes that American citizens have a right to buy any semi-automatic firearm regardless of its style, military or not, as well as being able to purchase high capacity magazines. That the government cannot dictate how a law-abiding citizen chooses to defend him or herself. Along with improving the background checking process and a national right-to-carry policy, Trump also wants our members of the military to be allowed to carry arms when at their bases and recruiting centers. He thinks that the current restrictions are just plain ridiculous. If anyone is trained and familiar with gun safety and responsible use, its a member of our armed forces. Duh!

So why is there so little coverage about the new position paper released by Donald Trump on gun rights? Is The Media afraid that Trump will gain even more support now, possibly even an endorsement from the National Rifle Association? Or is the NRA keeping mum about it, fearing that a President Trump will make them irrelevant? I doubt if the NRA has to worry much about that. Odds are that after a President Trump we′ll get another goof-ball Liberal in the White House who will want to disarm us citizens.