Barack Obama has caused considerable chaos in the world since taking office. Now, the legacy of Obama and Hillary Clinton has resulted in some 4 million refugees from Syria, Libya and elsewhere to flood into Europe. Hungary has closed their border with Serbia, has built a fence and is now planning to extend it further. Croatia announced that they are also closing their borders. Germany, who had promised to take in many refugees, is now rethinking that decision. Europe is being invaded! Meanwhile, Obama′s $500 Million dollar plan to fight the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq was been a dismal failure. Instead of training some 5,000 fighters, only about 65 were trained and only four or five are actually fighting against ISIS-ISIL. We might have been better off just turning those few into $100 Million dollar bionic men.

With some 4 million refugees banging on Europe′s doorstep, the crisis is only bound to get much worse. Several Balkan nations are ramping up their meager military forces to hold back the tsunami of unfortunates. But, as many know, this is all part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which is to be officially pronounced next week at the UN Building in New York when Pope Francis arrives. The plan is an extension to Agenda 21, which only dealt with climate change. The UN 2030 Agenda covers a wide range of topics, all intended to pave the way for global government and global tyranny.

The United States is doing its part under Obama. Not only is he transforming America into a Socialist nation, but Obama is now racing to grant amnesty to some 8.8 million illegal immigrants whom have invaded us already. Nobody really knows how illegal immigrants there truly are in the U.S.. The 11-million number has been talked about for years, so the actual number could be between 25-30 million by now. Maybe more! The latest wave is not just from Mexico nor Central America. Obama is bringing in more Muslims from the Middle East and Africa as part of his community diversity program. Targeting wealthy and Republican controlled Congressional districts to have more Democrat voters.

I wish I could say I feel sorry for Europe. They embraced Barack Obama and have caused much of their mess themselves, too. Now the cork is out of the bottle and its only a matter of time before things get uglier. We have plenty of our own problems to contend with. Especially if Hillary Clinton or so other Progressive-Socialist gets elected. World War One started in the Balkans and begot WW2, so if WW3 starts there, it will not be much of a surprise. The clash of civilizations always begins at the fringes.