During a town hall in New Hampshire last night, Donald Trump skillfully avoided a question about Barack Obama being a Muslim, as well as not being a U.S. citizen. The first member of the audience to pose a question to Trump started off asserting that the biggest problem in America are Muslims. The New Hampshire man went on to ask Trump about training camps for jihadists in the U.S., and charged that Obama was a Muslim and not an American. Trump, who has questioned Obama′s birth certificate in the past, offered no real answer other than, ″We′ll look into it.″ Mind you, Trump got several questions from the audience that were somewhere between kooky and way-out.

One woman tried telling Trump about dreams she has been having of Americans being loaded into boxcars. Another guy who talked with Trump at a previous town hall event again raised issues about nuclear power safety and security. Somebody else caused a huge stir and tried giving Donald a bouquet of flowers. The audio was awful and I don′t know what he was ranting about, but Trump′s security team had to keep him away from their boss. Later on, either the same nut or another fresh nut began yelling some inaudible nonsense from the back of the room.

Donald Trump took it all in stride, even joking about it. Several times he pointed out that the seven or so TV networks carrying the town hall were probably enjoying themselves. Trump did get some good questions, but who cares about them? Fans of spectacle demand more kooks! If I had been there, I would have asked Trump his feelings about fiat currency, or when will I get my flying car that folds up into a briefcase? I′m still waiting for a jet-pack! What gives?

Since I don′t watch town halls held by the other GOP candidates, I can′t comment on how many lunatics they have had to contend with. But I′m sure they′ve had their share, too! I have watched some of Bernie Sanders events and some of those have also deteriorated into chaos at times. The Democrats have Black Lives Matter to deal with. The Republicans have birthers and apocalyptic visionaries. Both political parties have their fare share of conspiracy nuts. Whether its Dick Cheney dynamiting the levees in new Orleans, then flying back to Washington on a SR-71 Blackbird, or Obama releasing thousands of illegal immigrants whom have committed violent crimes. Oh…, wait…, Obama DID release thousands of illegal immigrants whom have committed murders and rapes! Oops! My bad!