Expectations are running high tonight as Donald J. Trump faces a gauntlet of attacks at the 2016 GOP debate on CNN. The prime-time event begins at 8pm EDT, preceded by the ′Kiddie Debate′ at 6pm. Eleven Republican Party candidates will square off this evening, with only four debating during the cocktail hour. Everyone expects the 3 moderators and ten other candidates to assault Donald J. Trump, who has been leading the GOP presidential polls for the past 65 days. This debate will be the last one for 2015 before the real voting starts. For many candidates, tonight is ′do-or-die′. After Rick Perry suspended his campaign last week, several others face the chopping block. Their only hope is to somehow take Trump down a notch. But can they?

So far, Donald Trump seems indestructible. He can say anything, do anything, and people still cheer him on. One recent poll showing Trump in the lead with 27% also shows that only some 37% of Republican primary voters have made up their mind to support one candidate. How much would like you to bet that almost all of Trump′s 27% are part of that 37%? The general anger and disappointment among the GOP voters is running mighty high with the most of the Republican career politicians. Voters view them as being weak, timid and lacking the commitment to follow through on promises.

The attraction of Trump is that he is not a politician. He is a businessman. A very successful businessman at that! Trump is a doer, a builder. He gets things done, often ahead of schedule and under budget. Nobody believes that a President Donald Trump would tolerate the federal government paying $400 for a hammer or $1200 for a toilet seat. People are tired of the way our politicians waste our money.

Another aspect of the appeal of Trump is that he is as independent as he is rich. He cannot be bought, bribed nor corrupted. Trump knows ′The Game′ as he was a ′Player′ before announcing his campaign. The recent video ad produced by The Club for Growth is a marvelous proof. Trump turned the attack ad into another layer of his shiny suit of armor, releasing a letter from the organization sent to him months earlier asking for a $1 Million dollar donation. Proving to all that the people who are now critical of him are just leeches seeking to bleed Trump of cash. They are spending millions to attack Trump while he counter-punches at no cost by posting the letter on Twitter. From a logistical point of view, this is pure beauty! Erwin Rommel may have been the Desert Fox, Donald Trump is the Golden Fox! When it comes to political warfare, Trump is winning victory after victory for pennies on a dollar.

This brings us to the last two primary reasons for why Donald Trump is kicking butt. He has established the fact that he is a hard working guy. Trump puts in a full day and then some. If you are not working as hard as him, then, as Trump would say, ″You′re fired!″ Finally, the secret to Trump′s success is that he not only actually talks with people, he listens to them! When other career politicians, like Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton stage their ′listening tours′, they wind up being just venues for delivering focus-group-approved speeches. Trump has actual conversations. Even when he gives a speech, he talks like you′re with him sitting at a dinner table or next to him at a bar. His natural authenticity is because he is the Real-Deal. He′s been there, he′s done that and has both the scars and the rewards to prove it.

Tonight′s 2016 GOP debate on CNN will be a gauntlet for Donald Trump as the three moderators and ten other Republican presidential candidates gang up on him. Rumors abound about how Jeb Bush will suddenly become ′High-Energy-Jeb′. How Rand Paul has some new slam in store for Trump. That Jake Tapper wants the title of the Man Who Brought Trump Down. But I don′t see it happening. Donald J. Trump is just too smart for them. He is going to do just fine. Frankly, if I were Rand Paul, or Mike Huckabee or Chris Christie, I′d go after Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Or go after each other. The GOP field of candidates does need culling. Better to get rid of the small fish, first. The excuse of wanting to hear policies does not matter yet. Steel must first be forged in fire before shaped and polished. Trump, who builds with steel, knows this all too well, which is why he is taking his time on publishing policy papers. Lets face it, those who come with arm fulls of policies probably won′t have the metal to get any passed. Look at how many Obama had and how many has he actually gotten through Congress? Two in nearly 7 years? So what difference does that make? Tonight is all about the hammer and anvil.