A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News shows that 72% of Americans think that most politicians cannot be trusted. The same nationwide group shows 64% believe that our political system is dysfunctional. Another recent poll by YouGov indicates that a growing number of Americans think that a military coup is possible in our future. As for the latest 2016 presidential polls, outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson lead the crowded GOP field while Hillary Clinton′s leads in the Democrat Party are slipping. Bernie Sanders now leads in both Iowa and New Hampshire, where he has a whopping 20-point lead. Is the United States headed for rebellion in 2016? Have the voters decided that they have had enough of ′politics-as-usual′?

There certainly appears to be something in the air. A general feeling of disdain has been brewing over the past couple of decades. Cuckservatives like Michael Medved may try and paint a rosy picture that everything is just fine and dandy, but clearly folks are not buying that pitch anymore. Bernie Sanders is making good headway as even many Hillary Clinton supports join with fellow Democrats in still being wary of the state of our economy. Only about half of all Democrats think the nation has recovered from the Crash of 2008. On the Republican side, the numbers are even less. Even most Independents think we are still in a recession.

When we get into national security and foreign policy issues, the picture gets dimmer. The threat of war has grown in recent years as Russia, Iran, China and the Islamic State are adding to voters′ fears. After a over a year of increased immigration over our borders, we are now watching another migration crisis in Europe take shape. Headlines this morning report how Germany, which has pledged to take a large number of Syrian refugees, is now stiffening control over its borders. The world appears to be unraveling once again.

Add to that the other domestic issues facing voters. The YouGov poll I mentioned earlier also tells us that just a little more than half of the country actually thinks that local police are doing a good job. Some new statistics show that in the past year, major and violent crimes are increasing in about 30 of our largest cities. In 59 cities, the murder rate for 2015 is up some 16% or more. The mayor of Baltimore has decided last week that she will not seek reelection. Are the rats leaving the sinking ship?

Have you had enough of ′politics-as-usual′? Do you agree with the latest polls that show Americans think that the government is dysfunctional and that most politicians are untrustworthy? What about a military coup? Might one happen? What would spark such an event? We seem to be living in some very troubled times. Does this explain the popularity of non-′Establishment′ candidates like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Dr. Ben Carson?