The Washington Post reports this morning that the infamous Hillary Clinton private email server may not have been wiped clean of its data. Not even wiped by a dust cloth, perhaps! The company which was hired to manage the server after she left the State Department in 2013, Platte River Networks, claims they never wiped the server′s hard drives. If this is true, then many, or all, of the some 31,000 ′personal′ emails Clinton said were deleted may still be available. We may now be able to learn about Hillary Clinton’s yoga lessons and preparations for her daughter Chelsea′s wedding. There may even be a smoking gun implicating her in a cover up of the Benghazi terrorist attack, too!

Who came up with the story about the video? We may never really know the who and why behind the phony tale. But now that the FBI has its ′A-Team′ in possession of the server, who knows what they will find on it? This could be very bad news indeed for Hillary Clinton. Bad enough that the story has caused her 2016 presidential campaign to deteriorate. The latest polls show Bernie Sanders leading Hilldog in Iowa and New Hampshire. The polls also show that nearly every GOP candidate can or could beat her in a national vote.

While the Justice Department declared that Clinton had the legal right to delete personal emails, the big question is, were all of her work-related emails turned over to the State Department as per the law? We already know that her earlier claims of having and sending no classified material was false, as well as several other claims she made back on March 10. So it is prudent to consider the possibility that she may also be in error about turning over all of her work-related emails.

How will the story reported by the Washington Post play out over the coming weeks? The Platte River Networks says they never wiped the Hillary Clinton private email server when they began managing it in June of 2013. Will the FBI′s ′A-Team′ of investigators find any lost emails? The type of server used typically has four hard drives with at least one designated for being used as a back-up. What might be found? We will wait and see.