Former Texas governor Rick Perry is the first 2016 GOP presidential candidate to drop out of the race. For months, Perry has gotten nowhere in the field of 17 Republican Party contenders to be the nominee for president. Running low on cash and even lower on supporters, Rick Perry announced Friday that he was suspending his campaign for the White House. He did not go quietly, however. Perry took several shots at Donald Trump, as well as ′Nativists′. This is a term that has been bandied about by ′Cuckservatives′ as a derogatory word for Nationalists. You know, people who believe that our nation is defined by our borders, language and culture.

This is sad! I used to like Rick Perry. But, as with most ′Cuckservatives′, he has turned out be just a facade. Look at how he, and others, have been distancing themselves from Sarah Palin. Oh sure, when she was their gateway to votes, donations and a spotlight, they would stand with her on a stage. Now they turn their backs to her as she is no longer part of the Fox News cartel. There′s loyalty for you!

Perry blew it in 2012. Medication or not, he blew his big chance. He had the credentials and a decent enough message. But Perry just could not deliver. So now he is out for three very good reasons. He ran out of money. He had bad poll numbers. And thirdly he…, umm…, err…, uhh…. My apologies to Ann Coulter, but it is a good joke!

So long, Rick Perry! Don′t let the Cuckservative door kick you on the way out! Maybe next time, if you dare, you might try to accept the notion that we need a leader who actually wants to defend America. Create jobs for Americans. Bring jobs home for Americans. Make the government work for Americans. Not for every bozo on the wrong side of a paper border who desires to feast on our flesh. We are talking about national survival. The world is ganging up on us and its high time we elect a president that will fight for us, not against us.