It may be hard remembering the 9/11 terrorist attacks on this day, the 14th anniversary. Especially after The Daily Beast broke the story on Wednesday that some 50 intelligence analysts have filed a formal complaint that intelligence reports on Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, have been altered to match the positive picture painted by the Barack Obama White House. Congress is now getting involved in this, the latest scandal within the Obama administration. The analysts, mostly from the Pentagon and U.S. Central Command, or CentCom, filed their complaint back in July. An Inspector General from the Pentagon has been investigating the allegations to this point, but now the House and Senate will launch their own probes.

Much of the blame for the 9/11 attacks goes to how vital intelligence was not properly shared nor analyzed seriously. That the dots were not connected. Those who were concerned 14 years ago were not listened to. So here we go again. This time, a deliberate plot to avoid reality by Barack Obama and his administration. If the complaints are true, and we have no reason not to doubt the analysts involved, Obama and his staff are deliberately lying to the American people about how our war against terrorism is going. That we are doing very little to stop, or even slow down the spread of terrorism.

Those of us who have recognized how the Obama administration lies about other matters, such as the economy, are not surprised. How many times have I written about how practically everything Obama says is a lie? Well, folks, we now have yet another example. The lack of progress in ′degrading′ ISIS is explainable now. Barack Obama cares little about the defense of this nation, or of any other nation, with perhaps the one exception of Iran. Obama seems easily prepared to lie to the American people in order for Iran to get stronger. But as for the United States, Obama lies as we become steadily weaker.

Will this new Obama scandal effect your remembering of 9/11? Are you outraged that the Obama administration is deliberately altering reports about Al Qaeda and the Islamic State? Will you join with me and salute those 50 intelligence analysts who have come forward and blown the whistle of Obama′s latest lies? Should Congress begin impeachment hearings to stop Obama from harming our country any further? Or are we just doomed and headed for another disaster thanks to Barack Hussein Obama?