A couple of new polls are out and show more rough waters for Hillary Clinton. The latest poll out this morning by NBC News/Maris even shows Bernie Sanders with a 9-point lead over Hilldog in New Hampshire. OUCH! The SurveyUSA poll out late last week showed the gap in Iowa closing to within the margin of error. That poll also showed Hillary being beaten by most of the GOP candidates, especially by Donald J. Trump. Trump even got 25% of the Black vote! Talk about the ′Big Tent′! Before Donald builds a wall, he may have to erect a bigger tent than the Republicans ever dreamed of having. Yes indeedy, these are dark days for Hillary Clinton!

Which, naturally means these are great days for those of us who seek liberty! Some might say this is ′The Happy Time′, but I won′t go there. Or maybe I should? The Hillary Clinton campaign is sinking fast. Torpedo Los! Oddly enough, its not a Republican peering through the periscope, but an authentic Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Who would have thought that Bernie Sanders will play such a decisive role in ′Making America Great Again′? Not that Donald J. Trump really needs help from Bernie. But I doubt if even Trump would kick Bernie out of bed at this time for eating crackers.

Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds and raising much excitement wherever he goes. Much like Trump, folks just can′t get enough of Bernie. Even if Sanders loses the primary, he may wind up with a TV show on MSNBC. Bernie is like a cross between Uncle Joe Stalin and Uncle Milty. A lovable house guest who raids your fridge and wallet and leaves you wanting more. Maybe that is the wrong analogy? I got it! Bernie Sanders is like Wilson, the know-it-all neighbor on ″Home Improvement″. You know he′s a kook but he′s a nice enough fellow, so you still go and listen to his pitch anyway.

Has the Hillary Clinton campaign hit the Panic Button yet? They′ve already hit the ′Reset′ button 3 or 4 times in as many months. I wonder if it was the same she used with the Russians? I suspect so. The latest polls show the Hillary Clinton campaign in trouble as Bernie Sanders closes in on her in Iowa and now has a 9-point lead in New Hampshire. What may be even more damaging to her chances in 2016 is that she is starting to lose support from at least one key, Democrat voting block. The SurveyUSA poll shows 25% of African-Americans are backing Donald J. Trump! Between that and the Bernie Sanders campaign playing the ″Der Dessauer Marsch″, Hillary Clinton may need be to looking for a life preserver soon. She is no Robert Mitchum compared to Bernie′s being Curt Jurgens.