Happy Labor Day, 2015! Yes, while many of you have the day off from work, I′m still here, plugging away. Today I will do a book review of ″Fracture″ by MSNBC personalty Joy-Ann Reid. Published by William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins, the subtitle for this bit of writing is, ″Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide″. The book attempts to chronicle the issue of race in America and its impact on presidential politics. Ms. Reid believes that Hillary Clinton is destined to be the next president and is sympathetic towards her in advancing the causes for African-Americans. From Hillary Rodham being a ′Goldwater Girl′ in 1964 to a Lefty-Socialist after one year at Wellsley College may seem to have been a dramatic change. Or, as I see it, just goes to show that Hillary has all the intellect of an egg-full of Silly Puddy, mimicking whatever her mind is impressed upon rather than actually being impressed.

Once again I am puzzled why the kind folks at Harper Collins have sent me, a ′Right-Wing blogger′, a complimentary copy of a Left-Wing book to review? Did they honestly think I would endorse this mild effort? Even ′mild′ is a bit of a stretch. ″Fracture″ is a book written in the Age of Google. It comprises of some 300-odd pages of ′content′ and keywords. I wouldn′t say it is merely a 300-page blog, but a 300-page half-blog. A true blog should have personalty. An authentic, personal viewpoint. That sort of ′Dear Diary′ feel.

Joy-Ann Reid failed in that. This whole book is a failure! Mind you, it had potential. Had she written this AFTER the 2016 elections, and not just parrot whatever ideas and positions of the Democrat Party require one to say, Ms. Reid could have done something of true merit. Even her early history of the Civil Rights movement and events of the 1960s was very superficial and lacked details. For example, the only riot she mentions was the one in Chicago at the DNC convention of 1968. No mention at all of actual race riots such as in Watts or Detroit prior to Chicago, which was more of an anti-war event, if not an even more general anti-Establishment.

Later on, Reid takes us through a Cliff Notes/Wikipedia view of the racial politics in the 2008 Democrat primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Here, again, she misses many opportunities to illuminate the readers. To be ′fair′, however, Reid does give us a quick peak at something which many of us have noticed. That within the Democrat Party, as well as within Black community itself, there are competing factions. This is where we get a true sense of ″Fracture″. But, unfortunately, Reid continues to pitch the usual ′party line′ that America is split racially between Black and White. I also get the impression that Reid is siding with the ′Al Sharpton Wing′ even though her girl Hillary is more at home with the ′Jesse Jackson Wing′.

I liken this to being in a speeding car and only catching a glimpse of something on the side of the road. If Reid really wanted to write an important, relevant, insightful book, she probably could have written 300-plus pages just on the growing rift between the ′Old Guard′ and ′New Guard′ conflict within the Civil Rights movement. Which is probably made even more divided and ″Fracture″ with the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement, largely funded by George Soros and Hollywood celebrities. Even Barack Obama noticed the tension in 2008 after Hillary conceded the primary campaign to him and he ran into some icy, cold shoulders by those in the Jackson Wing. Again, if you were not paying attention, you would have missed that as Reid drives her car at 90 MPH.

Another reason why I say that this might have been a good book had it been written after the 2016 election is that Reid wraps things up in May, 2015. She assumes, like many have, that the election would be one of Hillary Clinton facing Jeb Bush. As we now know, that may not be the case at all. Reid does mention the private email server problem for Hillary, but generally dismisses it as nothing to worry about.

All of the polling data of the past several months now shows that it is a cause for concern. Hillary′s numbers are steadily declining, largely due to her being seen as dishonest about the email matter. Then we have the Trump Factor! Not only is Trump hurting Jeb Bush, but Donald Trump is also beginning to cut into the Democrat hold over the African-American voting block. The latest SurveyUSA poll shows Trump not only beating Hillary, but also getting about 25% of the Black vote. The popularity has gone viral as two ladies in Georgia, known as ′Diamond and Silk′, have been on the Internet with weekly video blogs raising plenty of Cain as they Stump for Trump.

The net result is that Joy-Ann Reid′s new book, ″Fracture″, is as incomplete and totally wrong as were the early stories about the Ferguson shooting. Michael Brown was neither shot in the back nor was he shot with his hands up. She really should have waited a year and a half before publishing this. If you are looking for a comprehensive, informative book on the history of race relations in the United States, this is not the book to buy. Even if you are merely looking for some reason to justify electing Hillary Clinton as president because you think it will be good for the African-American community, ″Fracture″ falls way short. I predict that this book will be joining Al Roaker′s history of the Great Hurricane of 1900 in the dollar-bin at your local book store. Not only is ″Fracture″ a bad book, but dishonest as well, but never once mentioning how Barack Obama is fanning the flames of racial disharmony in America.