During an interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, Hillary Clinton said of her email scandal ″I′m sorry that this has been so confusing to people…″. In other words, Hillary is sorry that the American people are so dumb for not understanding her desire to skirt the rules. She′s sorry she got caught skirting the rules. Then Hillary lied, once again, saying how she ″wasn′t thinking″ about what email server to use. Actually, this was a well though out and calculated decision. So well thought out that she was paying her technician herself, even while he was an employee of the State Department. Hillary wanted maximum protection against nosy Congressmen or groups filing Freedom of Information Act requests to access her emails.

Bad enough she took the unusual, extra step in controlling her privacy by using a private email server. Now we learn that the techy who set it up, Bryan Pagliano, was being paid directly by Hillary Clinton, even when he was part of the State Department′s IT staff. Pagliano will plead the 5th Amendment when he is questioned by the Congressional Benghazi committee. According to the Washington Post, Pagliano was originally Hillary′s IT director during her 2008 presidential campaign. Even after he joined the State Department in May of 2009, Hillary continued to pay him directly for managing her private email server.

Is it any wonder that the latest Gallup Poll shows Hillary Clinton at an all-time low in her favorable-unfavorable numbers? Only some 41% of Americans have a positive view of her. Over 50% have an unfavorable opinion. This is why Democrats are worried. Every day, as the drip-drip of information comes out on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, voters are becoming more skeptical of her. Her interview with Andrea Mitchell only confirms her general disdain towards the American people. Hillary Clinton is only sorry for being caught in her schemes.