Donald J. Trump signed his loyalty pledge to the Republican Party yesterday. During a press conference which followed a meeting with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Trump held up the document. Some are already hinting of a conspiracy as the date shows August 5, 2015, not September 3. Is Trump playing a mind game with the GOP? Does the document really mean anything? Could he still run as an Independent, 3rd party candidate should the Republican elites shut the door on Trump, removing him from primary ballots? Would the GOP survive such a move?

The Donald treated the whole affair with his usual flair, half reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while declaring his loyalty. All 17 GOP presidential candidates received the loyalty pledge and must sign and affirm it. But all eyes were only on Donald Trump, as he is the only one with the moxie and the cash to pull off a 3rd party, independent run. Too bad the Republican Party didn′t make Chris Christie sign such a document in 2012 before his public ′bromance′ with Barack Obama! Live and learn!

The latest polls still show Trump in the lead. Even though one poll shows him tied with Ben Carson in Iowa, Trump is still improving his overall numbers. His favorable rating is steadily improving and nationwide, he easily defeats all others. Jeb Bush continues to decline, forcing his Super PAC supporters to prepare a series of negative campaign ads against Trump. Rand Paul tried this and wound up on the losing side. Jeb scored a new low speaking Spanish at a press conference along the southern border. Mistakes like that are making it easy for Trump to punch him around.

So now that Donald Trump has signed his loyalty pledge to the Republican Party, will this help or hurt him with voters? Will it calm fears of big-money PACs and donors? Will the GOP play nice and allow the primary process to unfold naturally? Or should have Trump torn the pledge up at the press conference? Would the crowd have gone wild with cheers? Personally, I think they would have. But then, anything Trump does will be applauded by his fans. Had Trump kicked a puppy or stomped on a kitten and declare ″This is what I′m going to do to China and Iran!″, the crowd would have gone wild. The Spectacle continues…