Gleaned from the latest document dump by the State Department, were found at least six emails written and sent by Hillary Clinton which contained classified material. Back in March while speaking at the United Nations, Hillary proclaimed that she never wrote, nor sent, any emails with classified material using her private server. At least one of the six emails allegedly contains data from spy satellite images of North Korean nuclear weapons facilities. Obviously classified, and not just the ′mundane′ ranking of ′Confidential′. No, that sort of data is clearly ′Top Secret′ or higher and there is no way that Hillary Clinton could not have known that at the time. Not unless she had slept through her briefings on the handling of classified material which all new Secretary of State appointees undergo when they take the office.

So, once again, we have another of her numerous excuses crumble into dust. Hillary Clinton, at worst, broke the nation′s espionage laws. At the very least, she broke the laws governing the handling of classified material. Even if you want to excuse her of being ignorant of the laws, she has lied about the whole matter. She has misled authorities and destroyed evidence. She even has violated an internal policy of the Barack Obama administration.

Even if you want to excuse her of all of those issues, too, it is still abundantly clear that Hillary Clinton is unqualified to hold public office, especially that of being the President of the United States. She accomplished nothing at the State Department during her tenure other than racking up frequent flier mileage. Her management was atrocious and incompetent. Another of the latest batch of emails released by the State Department show that Hillary may have intervened in approving her husband, Bill Clinton, in gaining permission to deliver a speech to an foreign oil company which did business with Iran despite the UN sanctions. The Clinton Foundation received $600,000 for the speech. That should merit a federal investigation as well.

The latest Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department add to the growing list of potential legal problems. At some point, her campaign will implode. There is already enough evidence to indict her on criminal charges. I′m not saying that she will be convicted in a court of law on what we currently know. But any grand jury worth its salt can easily see right now that Hillary Clinton has acted in the violation of a number of laws. The DNC is delusional if they think she can keep skating on the rapidly thinning ice till November, 2016. The polls show that not only are fewer and fewer people believing her, but as of now, practically any Republican will beat her in the usual ′swing states′. I hope she stays in because it guarantees a GOP victory for the White House, and most likely more gains in both the House and Senate. Then Hillary will really be up the creek without a paddle as she will not get a pardon if convicted.