Has ′political correctness′ gone too far? Summer is nearly over and most children are heading back to school. But for a young girl named Laura, she is already in hot water. Laura was sent home on her first day back to school. Her school sent her parents a letter warning them that the lunchbox Laura has is against the school′s dress code. The lunchbox has images of Wonder Woman, the comic book super heroine. The school explains that the dress code forbids students from having any images that the school deems too violent. In the school′s opinion, Wonder Woman is a ″violent character″ as she ″solves problems using violence″. What else, other than super heroes, might fall into this category? Members of the military? Police? Even firemen ′fight′ fires! Will firemen be excluded, too? The ′PC′ extremists have already banned the Confederate flag. Will the Stars and Stripes be next as our nation was founded by war?

Important Update Below

This is one reason why Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. He says whatever he wants and is not worried about being politically correct. The namby-pamby Liberals running our nation′s education system are already creating a whole new class of banned words under the banner of ′micro-aggression′. Words like ′patriot′ or ′alien′ and ′American exceptionalism′ may offend some limp-wristed Socialist. How can they enjoy their lattes while exposed to language or images that invoke pride in America? Why, such things could cause Liberals to puke their raw vegetables up!

So now little children are not allowed to own, wear or carry any object that is related to a comic book super hero. This is America in the 21st Century. Someone should tell those greedy Hollywood film makers that they are promoting insensitivity with their violent movies. At this rate, all entertainment will be reduced to watching piles of cotton balls gathering dust or grass growing on a lawn. No more Wonder Woman lunchboxes! I′m waiting for the results of some blood samples taken last Tuesday to see if I have cancer or not. In all honesty, I hope I do! The world has gone totally insane and I′d rather die now while I can still remember an America that was free and proud!


It has come to my attention that this story may be another of those infamous, Internet hoaxes. If so, oh well! The fact that it made it this far just goes to show how far political correctness has corrupted our society thanks to the Liberal-Fascists who are behind the whole ‘PC’ movement. Just the notion that a school would ban lunch boxes with super heroes is quite plausible, given how many other things are now banned. Children can no longer wear clothing with images of the US flag, or of a soldier, Marine or Navy SEAL carrying a rifle, to school. There have been plenty of VERIFIED stories on this! So if this is a hoax, too bad! Better luck next time.