Republican presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, is upset with CNN. The second 2016 GOP debate is coming up soon and CNN appears to be delegating Carly once again to the ′kiddie table′ as Fox News had. Both cable news networks had decided to determine which of the 17 Republican candidates would make it on to the prime time stage based on national polling data. The latest average from Real Clear Politics shows Carly has moved up the pack into 7th place. Chris Christie has dropped to 11th place, earning him a seat with the losers. However, as things stand now, Christie will join the prime time debate because CNN is using an average which includes polling data from earlier this year. This freezes out Fiorina, who is currently slated to be on the debate at 6pm EDT, not at 9pm with ′the adults′.

Another victim of the CNN debate rules may be former Virginia governor, Jim Gilmore. He, along with Lindsey Graham, have numbers so low that RCP does even include them anymore on their listing. Since Gilmore jumped into the race so late, his numbers do not qualify for appearing even on CNN′s 6pm debate. I can see why Lindsey Graham entered the presidential race. He thought he could ride on the coattails of John McCain. But as the evidence clearly shows, McCain has none to offer. There is not even enough slipstream draft to fling Graham into the Hanoi Hilton! As for Jim Gilmore, its is beyond me why he even considered running. The only reason I can think of is that this is some sort of money-making scheme. Something where family members can earn some cash as campaign consultants, if there is any cash coming in the first place. Other than that, its just pure ego. Pretty sad!

Should CNN reconsider its decision and let Carly Fiorina appear on their prime time debate? Or is it just sour grapes to our favorite former HP CEO-MILF? Should Chris Christie be a gentleman and volunteer to switch seats with her? Do you feel sorry for Jim Gilmore being excluded altogether? Which Republican candidate do you believe will drop out first?