So Barack Obama goes to Alaska and what does he do? He renames Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali. Mind you, it was known as Mt. Denali, native Eskimo for ′Tall One′, about a century ago. Following the death by assassination of President William McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America was renamed for him as a tribute. But, seeing as how McKinley was a Republican, and led the nation into the Spanish-American War, which I’m sure Obama is incensed about, the big dufus just had to change the name. The trip to Alaska is part of Obama′s farewell tour as he tries to visit ″all 57 states″. The name change has upset many, including some in Ohio, an important swing state and birthplace for McKinley. Will this cost Hillary the election?

I do not know if this will cost Hillary much, especially if she gets indicted for high crimes and misdemeanors. But what irks me is how much this trip to Alaska cost us taxpayers. The price tag on Obama′s Alaskan adventure has to be ′north′ of $20 Million dollars, at least! The flight is at least 10-12 hours, one way, and just the cost for one Boeing 747 is around $300,000 an hour. When a U.S. president travels, there are always two 747s, as a back-up is needed. Add to that several Air Force C-5 Galaxy transports, carrying personnel and equipment, including ′The Beast′, Obama′s armor-plated limo and at least a pair of Blackhawk helicopters. I would say there has to be at least 4 or 5 C-5s involved in Obama′s flying circus, and they guzzle fuel even more than the 747s do. Let us not forget the return trip, too! Even $20 Million may be too ′Conservative′.

Do you believe that when Barack Obama goes to Alaska, he is wasting way too much of the national treasury? Are you outraged over Obama renaming Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali? Is Denali an offensive word to the vertically challenged? How many of the 57 states have you been to? Should he have waited till next summer and then just take his multi-million-dollar, Canadian-built, super-RV? Would that have been cheaper? Does Obama hate William McKinley because he believes our 25th president was an imperial tool of greedy capitalists? When will Obama change the flag from the Stars and Stripes to the Hammer and Sickle?