Over the years, we have often heard of the Republican Party desiring a ′Big Tent′. To develop a base of supporters which is wide and diverse. The most promising group which the GOP would like to court are Hispanics/Latinos. They would seem to be a natural fit, given the importance of religion and a strong work ethic in most of their lives. But rarely has the GOP fielded national candidates which achieve levels of over 40%, let alone over 30%, by Hispanic/Latino voters. The only major exception comes from Cuban expatriates living in Florida, who also share in an anti-Communist viewpoint with many Republicans. Now, along comes Donald J. Trump and it looked like his tough talk about illegal immigration was about to wipe out any chances of gaining a larger percentage of Hispanic/Latino voters. But is that really the case?

Several polls appear to show otherwise. Not only is Donald Trump polling well in some states with Hispanic and Latino voters, he′s even doing better than other candidates whom allegedly have ′street cred′ with that community, such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Perhaps even more shocking is that Trump is also doing well with other long-time Democrat factions, such as African-Americans. Peggy Noonan wrote an article this week for the Wall Street Journal detailing some of her personal experiences in talking with voters. From her perspective, a whole lot of folks who usually never even consider voting for a Republican are jumping on board the Trump Train! So wide spread is this phenomenon that she entitled the article, ″America Is In Play″.

Believe it or not, a great many Americans are upset with ′politics as usual′. Pundits like Michael Medved and George Will cannot understand why Trump is becoming so popular? Medved cannot even fathom why people are upset about ′The System′? He somehow thinks everything is just honky-dory! Charles Krauthammer is beginning to come around. On Friday′s edition of ″Special Report with Brett Baier″ on the Fox News Channel, Chucky finally bet some poker chips on the weekly ′Republican Roulette′ game, putting $15 of his $100 of chips on Trump to win the GOP nomination. My guess is that he has come to realize, as any rational person should, that Trump does indeed have a chance at winning the nomination. The Donald has a pretty good chance of winning the White House!

This is making the ′Old Guard′ inside the Beltway nervous. They have not figured out that this brewing attitude across America is a condemnation of them. The nation craves a real leader. Somebody whom will not just slow down the decline of the country, but radically reverse course by shaking things up and turning the country around. In aviation, there is a term known as ′The Point of No Return′. When a plane travels so far that it lacks the fuel to fly back to its place of origin. For much of the past century, we have watched as Progressive-Liberalism, also known as Socialism, drag the nation further and deeper into the mire. The last three administrations have done much damage to our prestige, taking us from being the last superpower standing to being an international joke.

Donald Trump offers us one, last chance to regain our prestige and national pride. He′s the perfect candidate to be an ′American Pharaoh′. Trump is a builder! The word Pharaoh is usually associated as being an Egyptian king or emperor. But the term is actually based on being a ditch digger. Back in ancient Egypt, if you were good at building ditches for irrigation systems, you were treated like a king. You became the smartest guy in the room and everyone would follow your lead. Whether its building a wall along the border or his talk on rebuilding our national infrastructure, Donald Trump knows what he is talking about. This is a job that is right up his alley and millions of people realize that.

The Republican Party has a unique opportunity here and so far the GOP seems to be blowing it. When you have people out there whom have never voted for a Republican before switching party affiliation so they can vote for Donald Trump in the GOP primaries, six months BEFORE they even start, then this is a special circumstance. Only an absolute fool would oppose it. So my advice for today to the Beltway Insiders is to take a stress pill and maybe plan a long vacation. This is not going to end any time soon. Trump will be with us for quite a while. The days of the professional-political class having the power to shove a bad candidate down our throats may be over. When people think of the ′Trump brand′ they associate it it with ′The Best′. A Trump America is going to be 5-star, gold-plated luxury. That′s better than a chicken in every pot! The real question people should be asking is, ″Who wouldn′t want to ride on the Trump Train?″ I think the GOP better start looking around for a bigger tent to fit all of the Donald Trump supporters.