On Thursday, Hillary Clinton said that Pro-Life, GOP candidates were like Islamic extremist terrorists. She didn′t use Islamic, but her reference could only be taken one way. Clinton attempted to fan the flames of a ′War on Women′, as it is her only option since her email scandal broke. The poll numbers for Hillary have been steadily declining as the story unfolds. She did say that the stand by some Republican candidates on defunding Planned Parenthood is part of the issue. Talk about acting like terrorists! The latest videos, #7 and #8, from the Center for Medical Progress show Planned Parenthood baby parts buyers chuckling as they want more intact, whole babies and even the severed heads of infants to experiment on. Allow me to make this point again! PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS SELLING AND SHIPPING THE SEVERED HEADS OF HUMAN INFANTS!!! I don′t care what sort of research these laboratories are doing, there is absolutely no moral justification for this commerce!

If anyone is like a terrorist, it is Planned Parenthood. Hillary Clinton supports them and even once said that the group′s founder, Margaret Sanger, a known racist, is one of her heroes. Try explaining to #BlackLivesMatter how she can support the group′s depopulation of the African-American community. In terms of numbers, alleged police violence against Blacks comes nowhere close. A baby is aborted every 93 seconds in America. About 40% are those of Blacks and Hispanics. Over 80% of Planned Parenthood′s clinics are in Black and Hispanic communities. Hellooo! Wake Up!!!

People have recently been complaining about the ′tone′ of candidates like Donald Trump. Or statements like those of Mike Huckabee′s concerning Barack Obama and his Iran nuclear deal may result in shoving Israel into an oven. So I will be curious to see how the same crowd reacts to Hillary Clinton? Will they scold her for such inflammatory rhetoric? Will they say she needs to ′tone-it-down′ and act more ′presidential′? Or will they just ignore it and support her in a back-handed fashion? I think we know the answer given how The Media is largely ignoring what the videos on Planned Parenthood are showing. Do you want your tax dollars going to pay for them to sever the heads of babies to sell and ship them intact to medical researchers? Can you name one type of medical research that is justified to allow this practice? I say Hillary Clinton and her pals in Planned Parenthood are the one who needs their heads examined.