Two new polls are out this morning. One by Gravis for the One America News Network puts Donald Trump in the lead nationwide with a whopping 40%! An increase of 9-points. Dr. Ben Carson is in second with 13%, an increase of about 4-points, followed by Jeb Bush at 10%, a loss of over 3-points. Scott Walker plummeted from 12.5% to 3.5%. Ouch! A second poll from Quinnipac also has Trump way out in front with 28% with Carson at 12% followed by Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all at 7%. Hillary Clinton still leads in the Quinipac poll with 45%, which is a 10-point loss since last month. The Quinnipac Poll also included a ′word cloud′ of terms people associate with the candidates. The word most people associate with Hillary Clinton is LIAR. Some 61% consider her untrustworthy and dishonest. Double-Ouch!

Poor Hillary! Nobody but a total fool believes her. So we can now gauge that 31% of America are ′Yellow-Dog-Democrats′. But don′t worry, Bernie Sanders is still in second place and Fighting Joe Biden is right on his tail, as Sanders scores 22% to Biden′s 18%. None of the other Democrat candidates broke one percent! Both the Quinnipac and Gravis/OANN polls show many GOP old-guard favorites sinking like rocks. Jim Gilmore doesn′t even register at all. Huckabee, Perry, Rand Paul and Chris Christie are all way down, approaching 1%. Pataki and Jindal are already there and Graham is below 1%! Aside from Trump and Carson, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina made gains. Even Bobby Jindal went up a hair.

I can just see George Will and Chucky Krauthammer waking up this morning and reading the new polls. A whole lot of teeth gnashing is going on inside the Beltway. Donald Trump is driving them all crazy! The latest Tom Foolery comes from Virginia and North Carolina where the states′ GOP bosses are plotting to demand a party loyalty oath to get on the ballot. Odds are those states won′t even matter in the primaries, Trump may have it wrapped up long before. Many pundits are now questioning if Trump can be stopped by any of the current candidates?

Probably not! The word cloud choice for Trump was arrogant. For Jeb, its his last name, Bush! Arrogant can work for Trump as he bashes competitors while offering to treat Chinese President Xi Jinping a double order of Big Macs. But even ′Cranky Jeb′ simply cannot avoid being a Bush. Time to get real and understand that if two Adams and Roosevelts were enough, so too are two Bush′s. Trump has certainly gotten under Jeb′s skin, causing Bush to go cranky. That is about as excited and energetic as Jeb can be. Trump has already totally disarmed Rand Paul. Even fans of Ron Paul are shying away from the son. Rand′s campaign may not last long past New Hampshire, if it can even make it that far. Another early Trump victim is Rick Perry who is now practically dead in the water.

Hillary Clinton might need to worry less about Donald Trump and more about the FBI. The latest revelations showing some 30 of her emails containing ′Top Secret – Sensitive Intelligence′ is very damning. Especially since several had full details on the Benghazi facility and Ambassador Christopher Stevens′ security and travel itinerary. We know that at least one hacker from Romania accessed her private server. Who knows how many others did and if the information was passed along to those who attacked Stevens in Benghazi? Is she directly to blame for his death by her negligence? Or might we blame Obama if the reason involved shipping arms from Libya to Syrian rebels who turn out to have been ISIS? This could make Iran-Contra look like a lemonade stand!

The latest polls say Hillary Clinton is a liar and I believe them! She is a liar! Almost as bad as Obama and maybe worse. Meanwhile, the new polls also show Donald Trump still building his lead over the rest of the GOP field of candidates. I can hardly wait for the next round after Trump′s showdown with Jorge Ramos. Speaking of whom, I was amused that Bill O′Reilly was wondering if Ramos was hiding under his desk since Jorge refused to appear with Lord Haw-Haw. Turns out Ramos was hiding in Megyn Kelly′ broom closet as he appeared on her show instead. The King is dead! Long Live the Queen of Mean!