In Dubuque, Iowa, Donald Trump sparred with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos over the subject of illegal immigration. The news anchor rudely interrupted Trump during a press conference prior to a campaign rally. The Donald had just introduced the latest defector from the failing Rick Perry campaign and began taking questions from reporters. Ramos stood up and caused a scene despite several polite attempts by Trump to wait his turn. The Univision anchor refused to cooperate and was escorted out of the room by a member of Trump′s security detail. After Trump took a number of questions from legitimate journalists, he allowed Ramos back in the room. The two then sparred over immigration policy as Ramos asked no questions and instead tried to debate Trump. Trump reminded Ramos that he is suing Univision for $500 Million dollars for breaking a contract with Trump′s Miss USA/Universe franchise. After a few minutes, Donald Trump departed for the rally.

The speech to the crowd was ′Classic Trump′, unlike the ′Diet, Caffiene-Free′ speech given by Jeb Bush in Texas this week along the Mexican border. About 98% of the 50-minute speech was the usual Donald ′stream of consciousness′ delivery. A few new items added were how Trump is now being unfairly treated by Fox News and how Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are having an Obama/Chris Christi ′bromance′. Trump also touched on the growing student debt problem and the racial divide in America, as well as the broader divisions which have widened since Obama was elected. The Trump solution is to inject spirit, pride and jobs for all to Make America Great Again!

The subject of anchor babies came up in both the presser and the rally speech. During the rally, Trump mentioned how Jeb Bush used the term despite a memo to his campaign against doing so. Bush now claims that anchor babies are Asian, not Hispanic! During the ′debate′ with Ramos, Trump partially disagreed that anchor babies are citizens due to the 14th Amendment. As we all know, the 14th Amendment was passed to make slaves full, legal citizens following the Civil War. Its drafters even specified that it did not pertain to aliens from other nations nor even Native American Indians as both groups were not under the jurisdiction of the United States. Both groups owed their allegiances to other nations or tribes.

Donald Trump conceded to Jorge Ramos that a test case may be necessary, although many legal scholars believe that Congress can clarify the law under Article I, Section 4, which gives Congress authority to determine the naturalization process. Ramos conceded nothing, beating his one-note drum with all the intellect of a wet noodle. The Univision anchor had appeared on CNN the day before threatening to go after Trump. So the disruption at the press conference in Dubuque, Iowa was planned in advance by Ramos. Hopefully, he will be banned from future Trump events.

Meanwhile, the Fox News Channel may be banning Trump after a renewed Twitter war with Megyn Kelly. Kelly returned to the airwaves on Monday after a two-week ′unscheduled vacation′ following her shameful performance at the first GOP debate. The Donald tweeted that Kelly did not appear refreshed after her absence and questioned her journalistic skills. He also retweeted a tweet by a supporter who referred to Megyn Kelly as a ′bimbo′. This prompted a response from Roger Ailes demanding an apology from Trump. During the rally in Iowa, Fox News did not cover it live in its entirety as CNN and MSNBC had. Instead, FNC allowed Bill O′Reilly to do his Lord Haw-Haw schtick. I will be interested to see how the ratings played out last night?