Things are looking much clearer for Vice President Joe Biden as he considers a 2016 presidential run. Over the weekend, Biden met with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for a ′pow-wow′. On Monday, Biden lunched with his boss, Barack Obama and reportedly got a ′blessing′ to campaign. During the daily White House press conference, Josh Earnest made it abundantly plain that Obama considers selecting Biden as his running mate in 2008 to be the ′best political decision he ever made′. Even better than picking Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State! Are the deck chairs being reshuffled and Hillary about to be thrown to the wolves?

You may recall that the previous weekend saw Obama and Bill Clinton playing a round of golf at Martha′s Vineyard wherein a heated conversation took place. Bill appeared to be quite upset over some matter with Obama and I doubt if it had to do with a mulligan. If I were to guess, I would say it was over some more immediate issue, such as the FBI investigation into ′Email-Gate′ or why less than 60 of Obama′s 750-plus major donors are backing Hillary. Is Bill mad that Obama seems reluctant to help?

Perhaps even more telling that something is being planned is when Josh Earnest also told the press yesterday that Obama may even consider endorsing a candidate during the primary season. A major shift from an incumbent usually waiting until a winner emerges. Earnest may be saying this, but his wording implies that an endorsement for one candidate may come sooner than that. As we all know, wording is everything at the Obama White House, being a typical Democrat in the post-Clinton world.

So did Barack Obama give Joe Biden the green light to run for president in 2016? Will Obama back Biden up with those nearly 700 financial supporters whom have yet to choose a candidate? What about Elizabeth Warren having a pow-wow with Fighting Joe? Is Biden cooking up a plan to promise her the Vice President spot on his ticket? Biden has already leaked that if he does run, it may be for just a single term. Could this be the grooming of Warren to take over? How will Hillary Clinton react? Or will she be entangled in her own web of lies and corruption? The Democrat primaries may turn out to be interesting yet!