Donald Trump wows a huge crowd of 30,000 people Friday night in Mobile, Alabama. His private Boeing 757, the ′T-Bird′, buzzed the Ladd-Peebles Stadium, drawing cheers as teeming masses flowed in to grab a seat. Estimates of the size of the crowd vary, and some in ′The Media′ scoffed that Trump fell short of the earlier numbers he was predicting. But CNN says it was 30,000 and I won′t argue. About half of the stadium′s seats were full and there were at least several thousand people standing about the stage on the foot field. So at least 20,000 to 25,000 attended. Not bad for a town with a population of around 200,000 and double that if you count the county. The speech was typical Trump with him bashing a few candidates and the Media, and talking about how he will go about making America great again.

Why Mobile you ask? Simple, its all about the marketing! For starters, Team Trump is already organizing beyond the early primaries and caucuses. Why not? Trump is currently leading in the polls for Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. That covers the whole month of February! Jeb Bush isn′t even in the top three of any of those states. Trump has nearly double the numbers of anyone else. Those elections are already being stowed away next to some gold bars in the Trump vault.

On March 1st, 2016, we have the first ′Super Tuesday′, with 8 states up for grab, Alabama among them. Now, the rumor, from a well-placed source, that the RNC is still refusing to provide the Trump campaign with voter data. Since The Donald is not taking money from any of the Super PACs run by the Koch Brothers or Karl Rove, Trump doesn′t have access to their data either. So Team Trump selected Mobile based on their own data. This includes TV ratings for ″Celebrity Apprentice″ as well as people who frequent Trump-owned hotels and resorts. Mobile turned out to be ideal as a central hub which included much of northern Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. By the way, the polls show Donald leading in Florida and Texas, too, with good margins.

So, here again we see Donald Trump waging an unconventional political campaign using 4th Generation War tactics. Trump went to Mobile because Neilson Ratings show that there are a large number of ″Apprentice″ fans within a 200-mile radius. As Rommel said, ″Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics.″ In this case, the tactic is logistics! And the calendar or clock is beginning to favor Trump. There are plenty of rumors floating about on the sheer panic within the RNC and within the campaigns of the other candidates. On March 15, 2016, we have the Super-Super Tuesday where some large states become winner-take-all.

We saw this week in Derry, New Hampshire the power of Trump. While Jeb Bush spoke to a crowd of 128 people, Donald was holding court over 2,100. He would have had even more but the town′s Fire Marshal locked the doors as the facility was over crowded. Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Rick Santorum held a rally with only two people in attendance. Time to hang it up I think! Bush and others are preparing to spend millions to bash Trump. Jeb tried to spoil Trump′s Mobile speech with a Cessna dragging a banner. What a joke! The stunt just makes Jeb look even smaller and more petty than he already is.

The speech by Donald Trump in Mobile, Alabama once again proves that American politics have entered a new era for the 2016 elections. The smart ones, like Senator Jeff Sessions, are siding with Trump, smelling success! The dummies, like Karl Rove and Jeb Bush, are befuddled and can only respond with anger and resentment. This is what happens when you′re up against a billionaire who doesn′t need money from the Kochs, George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg. Trump is shaking up The System. Even Ralph Nader loves what Trump is doing the lobbyists and Establishment hacks. Time to roll up the sleeves and toss some dynamite into the log jam that is Beltway Bureaucracy! There′s a new sheriff in town packing a pair of gold-plated six-guns! What the bozos haven′t figured out yet as to why people are flocking to Donald Trump is that this goes beyond just trying to win an election. This is a quest to save America before its too late!