The latest Rasmussen poll is sending shockwaves through the Republican Party as 57% of likely Republican voters believe that Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee! Among all likely voters, Trump is at 49%. Early this week, I raised my prediction odds to 50% for Trump winning the White House from just 25% of only winning the GOP nomination. Seems that my finger on the pulse of America is on target. Much more so than the usual Cuckservative pundits out there!

Yes! The GOP Establishment is in panic mode. After rigging the primary season to make it easier for Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio to win, the RNC may have painted themselves into a corner. With fewer debates and a shorter election season, Donald Trump could walk away with the nomination well before the end of March. But don′t feel too sorry for the RNC and Beltway bozos! The Democrats are in the same fix with the most worse candidate they could have run.

While Donald Trump has gained some 30-points in the Rasmussen poll, Hillary Clinton has lost about 19-points. Amongst all likely voters, Hillary has dropped to 63% as being the likely nominee from 78%. Among likely Democrat voters, she has gone from 93% down to 74%. On the question of ′Very Likely′ to be the 2016 nominee, Hillary has gone from 53% down to 35%. So much for dismissing that the Clinton email scandal is having no impact.

The Trump Train should now be called the Trump Express! It just keeps rolling right along and is picking up speed. My favorite Trump story of the week comes from John Heilemann about the Iowa State Fair. He was following the herd of some 200 people led by Hillary Clinton. As Hillary had stopped to get a pork chop on a stick, the crowd was suddenly distracted by the sound of a helicopter. Heilemann said that the whole crowd looked up and in one voice exclaimed, ″It′s Trump!″ This was almost as good as when an Iowan child asked Trump if he was Batman and The Donald replied, ″Yes, I am Batman!″

On Wednesday, Trump and Jeb Bush held competing townhalls in Dery, New Hampshire. Jeb had maybe 140 people at his affair. Trump had over 2,000! Today, Trump will be speaking in Mobile, Alabama. They initially intended to hold the event at a hotel ballroom which could hold 1,000 people. But within 24 hours, they switched venues to a convention center for 10,000. Demand for tickets was so high that Team Trump moved it again to a college football stadium that can hold 40,000 people! As of yesterday over 30,000 tickets had been issued and they expect to have at least 35,000 attending the rally.

Do you have Trump Fever yet? Its more contagious than Ebola and there appears to be no vaccine! You may still be clinging to Jeb Bush or another dolt but start preparing yourself for the inevitable. This isn′t 2012, or even 1992. Donald Trump is in the game to stay and to win!