Yesterday was a sad day! Meghan McCain, the Princess of RINOs, joined the Fox News Channel. We′ve all seen this coming. The death of a once great institution. Another sign of ′The New Normal′ in the Age of Obama. She made her debut substituting for another FNC regular, Dana ′RINO′ Perino on ″The Five″. That was about the only show on Fox News I still watched regularly, mostly to watch Eric Bolling battle Perino and to oogle at Kimberly Guilfolye′s sexy legs. But with Meghan McCain on the set, this is too much! I couldn′t take it! For a few minutes, I even watched Al Sharpton before remembering that there was a John Wayne festival on TMC. The Duke saved me!

Yep, it was a sad day indeed! I guess its time to dump Comcast and go with Direct TV or the Dish Network so I can access NewsMaxTV or the BlazeTV, although these days, I′m becoming wary of Glenn Beck. Now he′s pals with Sean Hannity and Mark Levin? The Anti-Donald-Trump gang is making for some strange bedfellows. Once Trump gets elected, we may see all ′family business′ dealt with in a great purge! No wonder the RNC-GOP Beltway Establishment is going nuts because of Trump.

Of course, Dr. Michael Savage called this one. He went after Bill ′The Leprechaun′ O′Reilly for his interview with Donald Trump this week over the 14th Amendment and the birthright issue. ′The Great One′, Mark Levin, who still may be on the fence post, actually agreed with Savage. I′ve been calling O′Reilly ″Lord Haw-Haw″ lately. Fox News did go out of their way to attack Donald Trump during and after the first GOP debate. Dana Perino and other regular pundits, like George Will and Charles Krauthammer, have been attacking Trump well before the debates. The Establishment is running scared.

So what do you think about the addition of Meghan McCain to the Fox News Channel line-up? Will you stop watching them, boycotting FNC? Or will you just give up entirely and see how your flatscreen stands up to some .454 Casull rounds from the 7-yard line? As for myself, I′ll find something else to watch.